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Tech Talk – Why AWS Aurora Doesn’t Work For Kobas

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Kobas tames technology for hospitality management. Our Tech Talk articles focus on the technology behind Kobas.

Why AWS Aurora Doesn’t Work For Kobas

Autumn is the time of year where we proactively review our infrastructure to make sure it is ready for the inevitable rise in demand in December. Not only do our clients enjoy elevated trade in December due to the […]

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Notice of planned Kobas Cloud maintenance event: Monday 27th November 2017

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Key information

There will be no interruption to Kobas EPoS service.
Maintenance window is 4am to 7am on Monday 27th November 2017.
No significant interruption of service is anticipated; this is notice of increased risk of interruption of Kobas Cloud service during the maintenance window.
Status updates will be clearly communicated on our Twitter feed during this maintenance.

What’s happening?

As mentioned in my Autumn Report, […]

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Multiple Select Post Item Selection Configuration

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Despite the mouthful, this latest update is going to take a big bite (ha-ha) out of the amount of time it takes to set up certain EPoS items, that your staff spend keying in certain orders, and the amount of paper being used by your kitchen printer. Triple-whammy time savings.

Post Item Selection Configuration groups, sometimes called ‘modifiers’, are options that […]

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Public Name Option for PLUs

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Here at Kobas, we love creating features for our clients that can provide them with multiple benefits all bundled up in one. Our newest Public Facing Name option for PLUs is no different! This feature was designed to not only provide greater clarity when navigating your Kobas account and reports, but will also look great to your customers.

Previously, if you […]

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Compensation Options on EPoS

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Our team here at Kobas have been working on a great new feature, which we think will make life easier for our till and cloud users alike. This feature will allow the addition of a Compensation, Director, or Waste reason to be added on EPoS, and will shortly appear on the Discount Report.

We all know life isn’t perfect, and sometimes […]

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2017 Autumn Report

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2017 Autumn Report

We are pleased to report an encouraging 9% compound net growth in Kobas EPoS venues in 2017 Q3, proving neither summer vacations nor continued political uncertainty are barriers to hospitality venues adopting our technology and best practice. Much of this growth was in and around London, yet we’ve also grown footprint in Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds and even in […]

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Online Ordering with Preoday and Kobas

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Kobas brings together your EPoS, stock and HR to provide a seamless operational system, yet we also integrate with a number of other third-party systems to provide email marketing, accounting, and payroll solutions. Today, we are very happy to announce our new online ordering solution, powered by Preoday.

Preoday provides an integrated web and app based platform that allows customers to […]

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The SaaS behind our SaaS

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Both Kobas Cloud and EPoS are offered exclusively in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Our clients pay a monthly subscription in return for the ability to use our Cloud website on their internet devices, and our EPoS application on their till units. A hospitality venue pays a few hundred pounds a month to access software which has cost […]

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Permissions Update – Areas

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This blog has unfortunately been rather neglected in recent weeks, but not for want of activity! As we mentioned in a post last month, our engineers have been hard at it to redevelop our permission structure.

Following on from this work, we’ve increased the scope of¬†areas and regions, something that Kobas has nominally supported for some time. Up until now, adding […]

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Auto Logout Post Transaction

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Here at Kobas, we have been working hard as ever and have not come up empty handed! We are happy to announce a new feature that will provide even more customisation, with the tick of a box.

It is now possible for users to set tills to automatically log out after a completed transaction.¬†Prior to this update, this was set on […]

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