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Single Use Discounts

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It’s been a while since we last revisited discounts in Kobas, but our latest update is one that we think will provide a lot of value for our users, as well as their customers! As you may know, Kobas supports 6 types of discount and as our systems always look to offer the customer the very best deal, we’ll apply […]

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Kobas in VIP at Festivals

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We are wellie deep in festival season and we are excited to have worked with some of the UK’s biggest festivals. It’s always great to work with one-off events and large venues, but festivals are a special type of venue. The sheer geographical size of the events, and indeed the footfall, offer exciting challenges, but the primary requirement from our […]

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2017 Summer Report

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2017 Summer Report

As I review the calendar year so far, it is inspiring to see our relatively small team has managed to both increase the usefulness of the Kobas platform, and already managed 62% net growth in Kobas EPoS venues in just six months. With so much going on, so many daily challenges, so many corrections and lessons to learn, […]

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Latest Kobas Venues – 2017 Q2

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Working at Kobas puts us in a wonderful cross-over space between London’s web technology scene, and the UK’s burgeoning hospitality industry. That means we get to work with fascinating new technology to constantly improve the Kobas platform, and it also means we get sneak previews of hundreds of bars, pubs, cafés, clubs and restaurants.

Last quarter we were so busy […]

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All New EPoS Bill Splitting

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It’s with great excitement that we are able to show off our latest update; one that we know will make a massive impact for our users.

So without further ado, we are excited to announce that Kobas now supports bill splitting!

While you were previously able to split off entire orders into different tabs, we have now extended this functionality to allow […]

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Restrict Ingredients By Venue

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Kobas offers powerful stock control tools to manage and track your stock, whether you are a single site operator or running a chain of venues.

However, until now, any ingredients created in a Kobas account did not discriminate between venue; if an ingredient existed in Cloud, then it could be ordered or stock checked at any site. This changes today with […]

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June Update – Cloud

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We released a whole raft of EPoS updates at the end of last month, and so we are delighted to kick off the new month with a number of new features across our Cloud platform, including a huge update to stock transfers.

Stock Predictions on Transfers

We’ve spoken before about how Kobas makes a great fit for operations with a central kitchen. To aid […]

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May Update – EPoS Loyalty

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We’ve made a number of changes across our Cloud and EPoS offerings this month. From predictive ordering to Google analytics, we’ve had a whole host of updates to help you stay on top of all aspects of your business.

This post focuses on three new EPoS features that smooth each stage of the loyalty process.

EPoS Loyalty Updates


Following feedback from one of […]

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Remote Download Data

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Integration between Kobas Cloud and EPoS goes both ways, allowing your head office to get live sales data and instant insight into your daily trade, as well as allowing you to remotely update the menus and settings of your venues’ EPoS.

Whilst menu management has always been handled within Kobas Cloud, rather than on EPoS itself, there has been, until now, […]

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2017 Spring Report

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2017 Spring Report

Everyone at Kobas is really proud to have achieved a 52% net increase in venues using Kobas EPoS in just the first quarter of 2017. It has been an incredibly exciting period for us all, even involving yours truly performing a cameo as our very own white van man, delivering EPoS around the country with my usual, spirited […]

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