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Hospitality EPoS

Discover a powerful hospitality EPoS system, developed to drive your business forward.

The Kobas hospitality EPoS system is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use software solution, providing the flexibility needed to meet the diverse requirements of food and beverage businesses across all sectors and sizes.

Developed and maintained in-house and with a growing suite of features available, our hospitality EPoS helps you and your team enhance efficiency levels during service, increase profitability through up-selling and maximise productivity with reduced data entry.

Beyond this, Kobas brings a range of other key platforms to the table including stock control, customer loyalty, mobile ordering and more. Explore a full suite of connected software solutions across the Kobas product pillars.

Easy to manage

Long (and often hectic) shifts are a common occurrence for hospitality operators and therefore having an easy to manage and efficient EPoS system in place is crucial. With Kobas Cloud, managing your EPoS has never been easier.

Create, apply and manage all required changes in minutes, away from your venue and from any internet-connected device.


• Use drag and drop functionality, and tailored colour palettes to adapt the look of your EPoS from the cloud.

• Kobas Cloud features a customisable dashboard for each user when logging in. Add elements that are important to you, such as the latest rota and real-time sales data across your venues.

• Maintain consistency and increase efficiency by pre-scheduling menu changes.

• Add new buttons, menus and other features in one centralised area.

• Manage all account and system settings at the touch of a button.

Scalable for mobile PoS

Increase efficiency and revenue with mobile POS, giving service staff the power to process orders directly from a customer’s table.

Instead of hosting a separate handheld ordering solution, our mobile POS runs on exactly the same software as the Kobas EPoS, using a light and fast design with familiarity and speed at the forefront. As a result, your team experiences the same functionality, menu and layout as the EPoS system that runs on your static touchscreen till point. The only difference is that it scales down perfectly to work on smartphone and tablet devices!

• Eliminate additional costs from additional handheld licensing and restrictive hardware requirements.

• Increase efficiency by processing orders on the move, removing the need to revisit a static till point.

• Reduce the human error experienced when using manual order pads.

• Move fluidly between waiting guests to decrease queues, increase customer satisfaction levels and boost sales.

• Never miss an opportunity to up-sell against dishes with product modifiers.

• Connects seamlessly with our on-site technology for real-time order fulfillment.

Reliable software

A robust and stable EPoS system is crucial for teams in the hospitality industry, especially during busy services.

At Kobas, we approach system stability by providing a hybrid hospitality system. This allows for a secure on-site setup, the ability to manage system changes from the cloud, and increased data security as information is stored in secure off-site servers.

– Our software uptime for Kobas Cloud is one of the highest in the industry at 99.997%, providing our clients with a reliable system that won’t let them down.

Automated offers

Do you have promotional offers in place such as 2-4-1 cocktails? With automated offers, your Kobas EPoS already knows that and will automatically apply the discount when the threshold is met.

Create, manage and launch your dynamic offers with ease in Kobas Cloud.

Integrated payments

Our hospitality EPoS integrates with leading payment providers, enabling your front-of-house staff to process payments in under a minute.


Product modifiers

“Can I have the classic beef burger with an extra beef patty and cheese please?”

Does that question sound familiar? Adapting an item in line with a customer’s preference can be a time-consuming process for a server, including inputting the original order into the EPoS and applying kitchen notes to add items. This approach can then lead to miscommunication, incorrect orders and inaccurate stock variances.

Our EPoS software has been developed for the hospitality industry, ensuring common issues like this are no longer a problem. Modifiers and top-up options to be managed from the moment a dish is selected, allowing servers to quickly modify a menu item. In return, providing teams with faster data input, clearer communication and increased accuracy surrounding stock levels.

– Using Mobile POS to take orders? This functionality can also serve as a reminder for your team to up-sell side orders.

• Stock countdown
• Tabs
• Virtualised dark kitchen
• Time and attendance tracking
• Barcode scanning
• Online simulator

• User activity logs
• User permissions
• Pricing groups
• Tax groups
• Discounts and promotions
• Supporting peripherals

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