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Hospitality EPoS

Explore the all-in-one hospitality EPoS solution developed to drive your business forward.

Introducing powerful, user-friendly and reliable hospitality EPoS. An industry-developed system with the flexibility needed to meet the diverse requirements of all F&B sectors and business sizes.

Our EPoS software is here to help you and your team with a suite of features created specifically for restaurants, pubs, bars and other food and beverage businesses. Boost efficiency across your operation with automated promotions, increase profitability with up-sell reminders, and maximise productivity through reduced data entry.

But that’s just the beginning because there’s more. Kobas isn’t just EPoS software – it’s your complete hospitality system. We bring a range of other key platforms to the table including stock control, recipe engineering, customer loyalty, order and pay app and more.



Casual dining
Fine dining
Quick service
Food halls and courts


Pubs & Bars

Independent pubs & bars
Group pubs & bars
Pubs with rooms



Sports clubs
Private members



Coffee shops


Manage from the cloud

Fast-paced restaurants, pubs, bars or clubs need a reliable and easy to manage EPoS system in place. With Kobas Cloud, managing your Point of Sale (POS) has never been easier.

Create, apply and manage all required changes in minutes, away from your venue and from any internet-connected device.


Customisable EPoS
Edit the look and layout of your Kobas EPoS with our user-friendly drag and drop functionality, colour customisation, and more.

Dashboard view
Tailor your very own dashboard view, visible when logging into your Kobas Cloud account. Add elements that are important to you, such as the latest rota and real-time sales data.

Pre-schedule changes
Maintain consistency and save time on manual admin by scheduling your menu changes straight from the cloud.

Manage all settings
Add new buttons and menus, manage system settings and much more, at the touch of a button.

Scalable for mobile POS

Speed up service and increase revenue with mobile POS, giving your service staff the power to process orders on the move.

Our mobile POS runs on exactly the same software as the EPoS, using a light and fast design with familiarity and speed at the forefront. This means your team experiences the same functionality, menu and layout as the point of sale system that runs on your touchscreen till point. The only difference is that it scales down perfectly to work on smartphone and tablet devices!

Up-sell with product modifiers
Never miss an opportunity to up-sell with automated product modifiers, prompting servers to ask the right up-sell questions, at the right time.

Process orders on the move
Increase efficiency by processing orders on the move, removing the need to revisit a static till point.

Improve order accuracy
Reduce the human error often experienced when using manual order pads.

Decrease queues
Move fluidly between your guests to decrease queues, turn more tables, increase customer satisfaction levels and boost sales.

Reduce costs
Eliminate additional costs on handheld licensing and restrictive hardware requirements.

Seamlessly connected
Connects seamlessly with our on-site technology such as the kitchen display system, for real-time order fulfilment.

Integrated payments

Our EPoS software integrates with leading payment providers, helping your front-of-house team to process payments in under a minute.

• Increase the speed of payment taking without having to revisit the static till point.
• Eliminate manual keying errors.
• Next day settlements available.


Automated offers

Have you ever accidentally put cocktails through, without selecting the 2-4-1 offer button on the till? That doesn’t matter when using automated promotions with Kobas. Our system will recognise if items meet the threshold required for a live offer set up in Kobas Cloud, and automatically apply the discount required. No human error over here.

Product modifiers

“Can I have the classic beef burger with an extra beef patty and cheese please?”

Does that question sound familiar? Without the right tools in place, adapting an item in line with a customer’s preference often involves inputting the original order into the EPoS system and applying kitchen notes to add items. This can lead to more time on data entry at the till, miscommunication, incorrect orders, and inaccurate stock variances.

Manage modifiers and top-up options from the moment a dish is selected on the Kobas EPoS, allowing servers to quickly and conveniently modify a menu item. In return, providing teams with faster data input, clearer communication and increased accuracy surrounding stock levels.

– Using Mobile POS to take orders? This functionality can also serve as a reminder for your team to up-sell side orders.

Reliable and robust

Hospitality EPoS systems need to be robust and stable, especially during busy services.

At Kobas, we approach software stability by providing a hybrid software solution. This allows for a secure on-site setup, the ability to manage system changes from the cloud, and increased data security as information is stored in secure off-site servers. Overall, providing users with a system they can rely on day in and day out.

– Our software uptime for Kobas Cloud is one of the highest in the industry at 99.997%, providing our clients with reliable software that won’t let them down.

Reporting & Analytics

At Kobas, we believe in doing as much as possible in one place. We approach this by serving up a complete hospitality system that facilitates multiple areas of your business and is seamlessly connected.

This gives you and your team a single source of truth and meaningful data at your fingertips, including detailed reporting tools and real-time information to help you analyse business performance.

Explore a growing suite of sales reports, customer insights, staff performance data, and much more.

• Flexible hardware options
• Price band manager
• Item time restriction tools
• Stock countdown
• Tab management
• Virtualised dark kitchen
• Time and attendance tracking
• Barcode scanning
• Online simulator

• Course management
• Customer screen presentation manager
• User activity logs
• Menu management
• User permissions
• Pricing groups
• Tax groups
• Discounts and promotions
• Supporting peripherals

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of your Kobas system depends on a couple of factors such as venue quantity, hardware requirements and the services you require. As for how we structure our costs, we work on a subscription-based model, giving all operators access to the full system and all platforms, at one fixed monthly price.

This means no additional (or hidden!) fees or licensing to use different areas of the Kobas system when your requirements grow. Instead, our clients will always have access to the latest platforms and features from us.

If you’d like a member of our team to put together a no obligation quotation for you, request a quote. Simply enter some of your requirements and we’ll send it through to you within 24 hours.

Yes. Our EPoS system has been developed with device flexibility in mind. This means it can be used on iPads and a range of other modern tablets and smartphone devices, without the need for separate software.

Kobas can reuse hardware to run the EPoS software on, alongside other pieces of hardware units such as kitchen printers. All we ask is that the hardware meets the minimum technical specification required. This is to ensure Kobas runs as smoothly as possible. Our team can check if we can reuse your hardware by providing them with the make and model of the units.

We also work closely with selected hardware suppliers to offer the latest hardware options to operators.

For a single venue deployment, we aim to have everything up and running within 4-weeks*. This is from the moment you agree to move forward with Kobas, through to meeting your implementation coordinator, completing configuration of your system, installing on-site, and training.

We operate on a case-by-case basis for businesses with multiple sites to ensure we can plan a deployment approach that works best for that specific operation.

*Please note, this is an average timeline and can be shorter or longer in some circumstances. Please ask our team for the latest deployment information.

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