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Professional services to support you throughout your Kobas journey.

We understand that no two businesses across the hospitality industry are the same. That’s why at Kobas, we provide a tailored services approach to each and every client that we work with.

It’s important that we understand key aspects of your business including the service style, operational hours and peak sessions, quantity of venues, growth plans, and how extensive your technology setup will be. In return, this enables us to provide you with the most suitable services approach for your business, ensuring that the deployment and ongoing partnership with Kobas is a smooth success.


It all begins with discovery sessions. At this stage, the focus is for our Business Consultants to understand your operation in detail including existing management processes, the challenges faced across your business, and your exact technology requirements.

The discovery phase consists of meetings and/or demonstrations (as many or as little as you require). From here, our team can recommend best-fit solutions, whilst you and your team discover how the Kobas product pillars can add value to your specific business.

Our Business Consultants will work with you to provide valuable advice beyond this stage too, such as recommended installation approaches. For example, a phased installation might be the best approach for a busy multi-site operator looking to implement an extensive technology setup. Our team has years of experience within the hospitality industry, so you’ll be in safe hands from day one.


Professional Services

Whether you’re deploying EPoS into a new venue for the first time or replacing another hospitality EPoS system, implementation processes are crucial in ensuring everything flows as it should.

Our professional services are in place to make sure that happens.

An Account Manager is assigned at the very start of your deployment journey. As your main contact throughout, they’ll create a tailored project plan, communicate timeframes, schedule action points such as installation dates, and handle all core communication. This also includes the setup of your system, which can be completed with as much (or as little) guidance as required depending on your requirements.

Our skilled installation team attends your site as scheduled, ready to put the wheels in motion. They install your new Kobas system into your venue, testing that all platforms work harmoniously and seamlessly ready for service.

Understanding your new hospitality system is paramount in its success for your business. Our Kobas experts provide in-depth training sessions to ensure you and your team can utilise the functionality to its full potential. Training can take place at any point throughout the professional services phase and can be held in multiple sessions, either online or onsite (or a blend of both).


Client Success

With our aftercare support services, we strive for nothing less than excellence. Our client success team provides help and assistance with the ongoing use of your Kobas system. Each team member knows the entire Kobas system inside and out, so whatever your query may be, big or small, they can certainly help.

Alongside this, we use automated monitoring software to track system stability which flags areas for attention before it impacts any of our systems. However, that is an extreme rarity as the Kobas Cloud software uptime is at one of the highest in the industry at 99.997%.


Other Services


Our team of experienced in-house developers are always working on the latest technology developments. This team is responsible for bringing everything to life, ensuring the Kobas product pillars contain the software and functionality required to meet the evolving requirements of the hospitality industry. Bespoke development services are available.


Launching a new system in a live environment for the first time may be a daunting thought for many hospitality teams. Our Go-Live service eases the pressure by supporting you with a helping hand – the helping hand of a Kobas expert. During your launch, a member of our team will be on-site with you, ready to provide assistance if required.

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