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Holidays & Time Off

Take a break from the stress of holiday management across your hospitality business, with intuitive holiday management software.

Have you ever scheduled a member of your team on a shift not knowing they have an approved holiday authorised? It’s an easy and common mistake to make when manually managing holidays, time off and rotas.

Eliminate errors just like this and streamline the way you work with our intelligent holidays and time off tools. We provide your team with a self-request system too, whilst enabling management to gain full control of all requests in one consolidated space.

Holiday management dashboard

Our holiday management dashboard ensures you have complete visibility into all holiday request activity and can manage it accordingly.


• View each request line by line including the requested date, venue, when it was requested, the employee’s holidays remaining and the status.

• Requests are sent to authorised managers with other information that might factor into the decision to allow or decline the request. For example, the availability of other team members, work anniversaries and special events where more members of staff may be required on shift.

• Managers are prompted to add a reason when declining a request, which then automatically notifies the employee via email and within their account.

• Utilise filters to view a segmented list of requests such as those that are pending, holidays requested at specific venues and requests from certain employees.

Employee self-service request dashboard

The Kobas self-service request dashboard provides each member of staff with their own holiday dashboard, providing full visibility into their holiday information and allowing them to request days off in seconds, from any internet-connected device.

• The dashboard contains the employee’s assigned holiday total, the quantity remaining, carried over, accrued, approved and pending.

• If the user has authorisation, they can also request holidays or time off for other employees.

• Holiday requests can be submitted in seconds and from any smartphone device too, making it easier than ever to request time off on the move.

Connected calendars

Gain wider visibility into all holidays and time off across the business with a centralised and connected calendar area.

Those with access granted can view month to month activity across all holidays (pending and authorised), time off, anniversaries and more.

• Connects with our rota management software, eliminating errors such as scheduling an employee on a shift when they have approved leave.

• Supports a range of filters to view different types of leave, specific staff calendars and more.

• Manage permission levels against other users to ensure only management and head office can view company calendars.

Labour analysis insights

The Kobas system collects all data associated to team-focused activity and stores it in the labour analysis insights tool, giving you access to vital metrics that will help you make effective staffing decisions.

Understand crucial information such as punctuality and sickness across a set period of time and across selected venues, holiday allowance breakdowns, sales vs staff costs and much more.

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