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Reporting & Analytics

Turn insights into actions and push your restaurant, bar or pub business forward with our reporting and analytics software.

Exporting reports from different systems and maneuvering between data types? These are both common issues when managing reports across a hospitality business, but data analysis doesn’t have to be complex.

With Kobas in place, business-critical data is brought into one reporting suite, giving you access to key insights from one system.

Our reporting and analytics software allows you to understand how different areas of your business are performing including sales, stock, staffing, loyalty, reservations and more.

Customisable dashboard
Organise your own dashboard view with information you care about most, available to view upon logging into your Kobas Cloud account. View the latest rota, weekly sales across all venues and much more.

Custom report development
Our analytics software contains over 30 out of the box reports that can be filtered down for granular analysis, whether that’s viewing the data by venue or over a certain time period. However, if you require a custom report, we can help there too.

Visual reporting
Reports are displayed using clear, visual elements including a variety of graphs, ensuring users can quickly and accurately identify key areas of importance including trends and discrepancies.

Access from anywhere
Our reporting and analytics software is cloud-based, meaning you can analyse what is happening across your business, away from site and on any internet-connected device.

Understand operational performance across all areas

Want to gain insight into your best-performing dishes within a specific product group and over a certain period? How about analysing average spend per head or wastage levels for the month?

With operational performance insights, management and head office can locate this information and more, with a suite of reports across sales, cash and stock-related activities.

Having this crucial business data to hand puts you in full control, allowing you to gain full transparency into all operational processes and performance. From here, the right decisions can be made to ensure profitability and conformity are at the highest possible level.

Analyse customer engagement and loyalty performance

Understand how effective your loyalty scheme has been this month, how much revenue your loyal customers bring into the business or how your reservation process is performing, with our range of customer-focused reports.

Unravel an array of data including detailed purchase reports against members vs non-members, average transaction value from loyalty members, gross revenue they bring into the business, rewards issued, table bookings made vs those who showed up and much more.

Gain full visibility into all team related activity

Our labour reports provide the data required to help you ensure that everything is ship-shape across your team and performance is at its peak.

View information about time and attendance, absences, holidays, labour costs as a % based on sales, staff turnover and much more. That data can then be used to support appraisals, forecast budgets, plan rotas and make the most cost-effective staffing decisions.


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