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HR Management

Manage all workforce processes in one place with our secure HR management system, developed for the hospitality industry.

Discover HR software for restaurants, pubs and bars, providing you with the tools required to store and manage all files against your employees, at all stages and in one secure place.

With a range of smart features and accessed through one connected and complete hospitality system, it’s easier than ever to manage key workforce processes including appraisals with automated reminders, and training management for first aid and food hygiene.

Bring your systems together, remove the cost of additional and unconnected HR software, and experience increased efficiency across your HR tasks.

Profile management

Gain access to staff profile management and capture key information in a dedicated employee profile from the moment they apply using the Kobas recruitment portal, through to their 5th year work anniversary.


• Store and update all contact and next of kin details.

• View all historical application information including references and interview progression.

• Kobas automatically logs service time and syncs work anniversaries to your Kobas staff calendar.

• Manage the employee’s user level, username and EPoS pin.

• Report disciplinaries and schedule the required meetings.

• Manage and store employee performance reviews and appraisals.

• View and manage an employee’s skill matrix.

• Review an employee’s time and attendance log and their live holiday allowance activity.

• Set reminders for key employee processes, feeding into your Kobas staff calendar view for increased organisation.

• Manage a compliant and fair exit procedure.

• Upskill your team members by adding training courses to their schedule.


Once your selected candidate becomes a new member of staff using our recruitment and applicant tracking software, it’s time to begin the onboarding process. There are many legal requirements to follow alongside your own internal requirements and therefore, we’ve made the onboarding process slick, simple and consistent to ensure those requirements are always met.


• Create, send and store digital contracts and other important documentation. Compatible with our own e-sign functionality.

• Store crucial information such as right to work documents, bank details, emergency contacts and uniform receipts.

• Create and manage starter tasks in an easy to update list via the employee’s profile. You can customise these tasks with ease too.

• Supports P45 capture.

Skills matrix

Understand each employee’s skill set and how flexible they can be across other roles in the business, with the Kobas skills matrix feature.

Simply create a suite of customised roles and assign them to your employee’s skill matrix.

When scheduling employees in a rota for skill-specific shifts, this feature becomes particularly useful. For instance, if a manager assigns a member of staff to a junior sous chef shift but they only have a kitchen porter role applied in their skills matrix, the system will alert them before scheduling.

Require an extra bartender on a specific shift? No problem. Our system will show you exactly which staff members can fulfill that role using the information extracted from their skills matrix.


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