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Customer Interaction Centre

The Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) brings your customer facing technology solutions together into a connected, branded application.

The Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) is where Kobas extends to your customers in the form of a branded, customisable, web application.

It contains a range of feature-rich applications such as our mobile ordering app, delivery/click & collect platform and loyalty program, within one connected space. This means your customers can access a variety of services without having to access different apps and/or websites – easy! Developed to bring your platforms together, offer more functionality, improve customer experiences and increase efficiency for everyone.

We understand that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to your customer interaction, so you can pick and choose which solutions you’d like included in your app based on your business requirements. As a scalable system, you can add others at a later date if and when required.



All solutions have the look and feel of a bespoke mobile app, but hosted on a dynamic web platform.


No download

No download required, making it easier than ever for your customers to gain access.



Connects seamlessly to your In-Venue technology and Kobas Cloud for increased efficiency and transparency.



As a progressive web application, all solutions feature the latest functionalities and updates.



Developed with flexibility in mind, working effortlessly on all modern PC, tablet and smartphone devices.

What solutions are hosted within the CIC?

Mobile Ordering

Discover a frictionless mobile ordering app for restaurants, bars and pubs. In fact, our intuitive ordering app is the perfect fit for any F&B operation looking to introduce order and pay at table. No downloaded apps, no integrations, just a secure and slick solution that works in harmony with your full Kobas suite – meaning better product alignment and consistency, alongside reduced additional admin.


Delivery / Click & Collect

Add another revenue stream into your business with our delivery and click & collect platform. As a branded online menu that connects seamlessly with your In-Venue technology such as the Kobas EPoS, it’s never been easier for your customers to place orders whilst providing your team with full order transparency and management, including communicating delivery updates.

Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers provide your business with a consistent revenue stream. Our digital customer loyalty app encourages guests to keep coming back to your venue by allowing them to earn, track and redeem rewards in a branded online app. Create tailored loyalty schemes that work for your business, increase visit frequency and boost average spend.


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