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Recipe Engineering

Create profitable recipes with a recipe engineering system that is seasoned for success, developed alongside chefs and F&B experts.

Discover a recipe engineering system that enables your team to increase profitability. By building recipes with costed ingredients, our system can provide accurate data on theoretical costs vs actual costs, profit margins, wastage cost and much more.

The result? Powerful cost analysis and accountability that is second to none.


In our recipe engineering system, we classify ingredients as items that are purchased from a supplier. For example, sugar, olive oil, flour and salt. From there, a catalogue of ingredients can be built with the assigned measurement type, units per pack, measure per unit, cost price and the supplier. This provides you and your team with the ability to gain granular insight into all stock activity at ingredient level.

Need to change the cost of an ingredient or change the default supplier? All products and EPoS items will be updated automatically.



We use products to create a group of stock ingredients, also known as batch recipes. Using the above ingredients, the product could be pizza dough. We take this approach as it makes the process extremely efficient when creating EPoS items (recipes) produced on a larger scale. For example, an Italian restaurant selling garlic breads, pizzas, calzones and dough balls.

EPoS Items

The EPoS/PLU item is the dish sold on the EPoS and online ordering platforms. Here is where you build your recipe using products and ingredients. In this scenario, you would use the product pizza dough as your base batch recipe and select the various ingredients for the toppings. Alternatively, you can create a variety of different recipes using your catalogue of ingredients alone.

When creating an EPoS item, different retail prices can be assigned to support various consumption modes such as an eat-in price, takeaway and delivery, providing accurate insight into net margins and GP percentages.

Further support includes the addition of allergen and dietary information, uploading a customer-facing photo of your dish, preparation methods for your team, and more.


What else to expect?


Create ingredient and EPoS item categories alongside product catalogues for maximised organisation and for granular grouped analysis.


Do you store and manage your ingredients list on an excel spreadsheet? Import them directly into the Kobas system within minutes.


Using costed ingredients to build your products means that the Kobas recipe engineering system will calculate the total cost for you. No guesswork required.

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