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EPoS for Bars & Clubs

Raise the bar with our fast-paced EPoS for bars and clubs, ready to tackle busy service.

Elevate customer experiences and drive sales with advanced EPoS for bars. A complete bar and club system with hospitality developed features at the forefront.

It’s important for bar and club operations to create great customer experiences and increase sales. Long queues and slow service levels can impact both factors negatively, leading to dissatisfied customers and decreased sales.

The Kobas EPoS for bars tackles this by providing a variety of dynamic, time-saving features. Overall, ensuring that you and your bar staff can deliver fast service, bust queues and increase sales.


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Sports bars




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Powerful EPoS

At Kobas, our software is built with stability and speed in mind. With a growing range of efficient features available, our EPoS system for bars lets your team serve customers quickly, allowing them to focus on mixing mojitos and pouring Pérignon.


• Reduce manual data entry journeys with time-saving functions such as product modifiers, bar tabs, split bill, age ID checks and dynamic pricing for popular bar promotions.

• Empower your bar staff to serve more customers in less time by integrating the Kobas EPoS system with leading payment providers.

• Manage all changes in Kobas Cloud including the layout of your bar EPoS, pre-scheduled menu updates, all system settings such as user permissions, and more.

Operational Insights

Drive data-led decisions and push your business forward with insightful operational insights. Explore crucial information such as cash-related discrepancies, wastage levels and best-selling products.


• Send other users relevant reports when required and on repeat, with automated reporting.

• Our reports contain visual layouts and alert features, helping teams understand key data quickly.

Stock Control

Counting stock with a printed spreadsheet can often lead to mysterious discrepancies and very late nights. With our digital stocktake functionality, keeping track of your stock doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Stock takes can be completed via a tablet, enabling bar staff to enter the stock quantities in any combination of whole multi-packs, individual item counts and ml/g measurements for part units. The stocktake information is then submitted directly into Kobas Cloud, which records the details and automatically calculates the remaining stock.

• Place and manage stock orders in minutes, removing the need for multiple calls and emails to suppliers.

• Utilise our 4-factor authentication feature when processing site transfers.

• Use our ordering AI to ensure management orders the right amount of stock, every time.

• Incoming deliveries can be checked against the order in real-time. A photo of the delivery note can be attached to the record too!

Compliance Checks

It’s crucial for management at busy bar or club venues to stay on top of tasks in a timely and compliant manner. Kobas comes prepared with a set of customisable opening, in-shift and closing tasks, ensuring that your workforce has everything they need to complete key functions in the most effective way.

• Start the day with a set of opening tasks to be completed in a specific order.
• As the day progresses, you might want your team to pay special attention to certain areas. Add in-shift tasks to the schedule to ensure those areas are taken care of.
• Once the day is over and it’s time to close the doors, have your supervisor or management follow clear closing procedures that are logged in real-time.


Rotas & Payroll

When using the Kobas rotas & payroll platform, time-stretched bar managers can create staff rotas easily and efficiently. Create smart rota templates, link sales targets and staff budgets, add dedicated rota roles and much more.


• Trying to assign a shift to a member of staff who has approved leave authorised? Kobas will notify you in advance to eliminate scheduling errors.

• Remove printed rotas from staff room walls. Instead, your team can view live rotas from their smartphones, including any real-time changes.

• Monitor time and attendance through the Kobas EPoS system, authorise staff hours for the day in Kobas Cloud, and utilise our payroll service to consolidate your system entirely.

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