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Customer Relationship Management

Get to know your customers with a hospitality-driven CRM system for restaurants, pubs and other F&B venues.

The Kobas customer relationship management (CRM) system offers a granular, insightful view of your customer base and the interaction they have with your hospitality business.

Connecting to key solutions across the Kobas product pillars, our CRM system provides management and head office with full transparency into customer activity, whilst streamlining tasks such as creating loyalty profiles, managing membership types, and assigning loyalty points.

Centralised customer view

Kobas brings your customer records together by storing all profiles in one online area for the easiest access and most efficient management.


To increase transparency across your customer database, the Kobas CRM system for restaurants syncs with our mobile ordering app, delivery / click & collect platform and customer loyalty system. By connecting our technology in this way, operators and customers can experience streamlined processes through automation.

For example, when a customer registers for a new account, that profile is automatically created in your Kobas CRM system – no manual data input needed. However, we understand that sometimes you might need to create a new loyalty customer manually, so that functionality is still available too.

Profile management

Get to know your customers and delve deeper into their spending activity with dedicated profile management.

• Each profile contains key contact information against a loyalty member. All of which, can be updated by the customer within their account settings on the app.

• Additional information provided against a customer profile includes the marketing consent granted for GDPR compliance, reservation activity, visiting and spending activity and ticket purchases.


Use a range of filters to segment customer records for granular analysis and targeting. Discover those with the most loyalty points, find members who don’t have a loyalty account (for example, reservation guests) and encourage them to sign up, identify those with a specific favourite venue and much more.

By grouping your customers together using filters, marketing teams can conduct targeted email marketing campaigns to drive footfall and increase revenue. Or, maybe even just to send a thank you email to your most loyal customers!

The filtered data can be exported manually to import into your preferred marketing platform, or export it automatically using our slick integration with Mailchimp.

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