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Reservations & Bookings

Replace manual booking sheets for a rapid reservation system.

Eliminate cross bookings, reduce reservation errors, and increase covers when integrating Kobas with leading online reservation systems.

By combining our expertise with others in the industry, managing multiple systems or written bookings can be a thing of the past. Manage bookings directly through Kobas Cloud or your Kobas EPoS system.

Table reservations

Introduce increased efficiency surrounding reservation management by centralising all reservation information across your restaurant, pub or bar.

The customer places a booking via your website using the reservation widget hosted by your chosen integrated reservation platform. Booking widgets feature real-time availability and therefore, reduces the risk of double bookings from the start.

If you decide to use the Kobas reservation system standalone without an integrated partner, your web team can use our API to create a bespoke booking widget.

Received a call booking? Not a problem.

Simply create a new reservation in Kobas Cloud or your chosen reservation system and our integration will do the rest of the work, feeding information to and from each system and keeping the online availability slots up to date for you.

Once the reservation has been submitted by the guest, the details are processed, the online availability is updated, and the customer receives a confirmation email.

The booking information automatically feeds through to Kobas Cloud. Within our dedicated reservation area, management and head office can view a live feed of bookings including the customer’s contact details, date, time, covers, the venue, booking status, deposits paid and any special requests made.

Management on shift can view up-to-date bookings directly from the Kobas EPoS too and assign them to tables accordingly, reducing the need for a separate front desk PC.

Record no-show bookings with ease. This information pulls through into various Kobas reports to provide you with greater analysis on your bookings.


Room bookings

Run a boutique hotel or a pub with rooms? We support room bookings by partnering with a number of booking system experts, ensuring your rooms are visible on the best websites and that booking data is fed back into Kobas Cloud for on-site management and data transparency.

When your guests arrive, you can run a tab for them on your Kobas EPoS for the duration of their stay, allowing them to pay one single bill at the end. Keeping all of your finances and data in one consolidated space.


What else can you expect?


Table reservations and room bookings can be processed 24/7 when using an online system, reducing time spent on completing and updating manual booking sheets, taking phone calls and checking availability.


Fill your seats by using our customer engagement insights tool to understand reservation performance. Pair that data with a targeted marketing campaign to identify key trends and encourage online bookings.


Automated reservation and deposit confirmations are sent to your customers when inputting bookings manually through Kobas Cloud, or when a booking has been made online through the third-party integration.

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