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Recruitment & Applicant Tracking

Run your recruitment management processes with a centralised recruitment & applicant tracking platform, created for restaurants, pubs and bars.

Discover the efficient way to manage all team-related tasks from the very beginning of the employment journey with recruitment and applicant tracking. Developed specifically for the hospitality industry, our recruitment software helps F&B operators find the top talent to join their team whilst managing the full process in one connected system.

As a result, increasing applicant tracking transparency, saving up to 100 management hours per venue per year, and removing costly fees on third-party recruitment.

Recruitment portal

The Kobas recruitment portal ensures management have a connected, online space to feature all vacancies. Hosted as a web-based landing page, the recruitment portal (and individual vacancies) link can be shared on your website, social media, or popular job search sites for a targeted and tailored recruitment process.

• Automatically lists available job vacancies created in Kobas Cloud.

• Allows applicants to filter available vacancies by venue.

• Tailored portal landing page design including an introduction to your business, imagery, logo, colour palettes and more.

Vacancy management

Many third-party recruitment websites feature generic application forms, leaving hiring managers with an influx of applications that don’t meet the specific requirements of the role.

Create tailored vacancy listings with embedded application forms that can be customised to the advertised position, making the recruitment and applicant tracking process quick and easy.


• Build and manage new vacancy listings in minutes, adding key details such as the job role, job description, the hiring venue and supporting attachments.

• Add an application form into your new vacancy, featuring custom fields that are relevant to your specific business and the role advertised.

• Apply a variety of entry options to your application fields including drop-down options, multiple option selection, file attachments and more.

• All new vacancy listings will automatically sync into your live recruitment portal, removing them once the vacancy has been marked as vacancy filled or when the scheduled end date has been reached.

• Save time and filter out applicants who don’t meet set criteria before they’re able to apply. How? By adding our secret mandatory tick box against a specific option in the application form. For example, if the applicant selects no to the question “are you able to work weekends?”, the application will automatically terminate with a customised message.

Applicant tracking

You now have a large quantity of candidates who have passed the initial application process, what next?

Manage all stages in one organised and automated system, removing the chaos surrounding applicant tracking.


• New applicants are automatically synced into a dedicated area within Kobas Cloud. From here, management can evaluate applications with ease by browsing the candidate’s profile.

• Create a customisable process that enables applicants to progress through phone interviews, face-to-face interviews and trial shifts.

• All stage progression is tracked and recorded against an applicant’s profile, with the functionality to progress or reject applicants at any point.

• Profiles move dynamically through the different stages such as telephone interviews, trial shifts, and final interviews into clearly segmented areas for easy management and progression transparency.

• Managing a large pool of applicants? Activate automated emails when confirming or declining progression to reduce administration time.

Connected technology

Our recruitment and applicant tracking software connects with all solutions across the Teams product pillar, storing all information against an employee within their dedicated profile and providing you with one source of truth.

This includes every activity from the moment they apply, through to the onboarding process, training progression, performance management, rota and payroll management, holiday tracking, and everything in between.

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