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Rotas & Payroll

Build easy to manage online rotas, complete with connected payroll functionality, using our intuitive rota management software.

Our powerful rota management software gives you and your team the power to create, edit and share rota schedules in an easy-to-navigate and connected online space.

Take better control of labour costs, reduce rota errors and save time with efficient and organised staff scheduling tools.

Building rotas

Create accurate, data-driven rotas that are securely backed up with financial data around budgets (prediction, year on year, week on week) for increased transparency and better forecasting. This ensures authorised members of the team can check-in through Kobas Cloud to monitor accurate staff costs as they unfold.


• Experience efficient rota creation by building different rota templates for common shift patterns.

• Trying to assign an employee to a bar manager shift when they only have the server skillset assigned in their skills matrix? The Kobas system will automatically alert you, ensuring only those with the assigned skills are being scheduled to fill a skill-specific shift.

• Our system controls against staff being assigned shifts when they are on approved leave, helping to reduce rota scheduling errors.

• Rotas created on Excel spreadsheets and printed out for staff room walls can now be a thing of the past. Our dynamic online rotas automatically update with the latest changes whilst your team can view them from their own smartphone, so no excuses for missing a shift!

Time & Attendance / Payroll

Monitor time and attendance with ease through the Kobas EPoS. Clocking in/out information is fed back to management in Kobas Cloud where the time can be approved or amended. Once approved, the data can be exported to your preferred payroll software, or you can use the Kobas payroll service.

Labour analysis insights

Delve deeper into essential team-related insights with our suite of labour analysis reports.

Understand your labour costs VS sales in granular detail and across each venue, compare rota times with clocking in/out times and much more.

Identifying areas for attention is simple when using Kobas. Our system will flag certain areas for you to take a further look at. For example, if an employee clocked in earlier than scheduled on the rota, Kobas will automatically highlight that area red for you.


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