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Mobile Ordering

Increase revenue, customer satisfaction levels and efficiency with our frictionless mobile ordering app.

Our white-label mobile ordering app puts the power of ordering into the hands of your customers, enabling them to order and pay at their table, in their own time, and from their own smartphone device. In return, busy hospitality businesses including restaurants, pubs and bars, can experience reduced queues, boosted sales and increased team efficiency.

Efficient ordering

Placing an order with our mobile ordering app is easy for your customers, whilst managing the order is easy for your team.

Place QR codes on your tables to allow for easy menu access. We advise this method as it’s quick and easy for your guests. However, you can also add a link to your website or on social media.

The customer scans the QR code using the camera on their smartphone which automatically directs them to the online mobile ordering application. No waiting for an app to download!

We know that your customers just want to place an order and enjoy their experience, not be greeted with a signup page. So, we’ve eliminated that process, allowing your customers to get straight to it.

At this stage, they can be directed straight to the menu (if you decide on table specific QR codes to automatically assign the table number) or, they will be prompted to input their table number. Upon doing so, they are ready to browse through your menu.

Your guest can use the categories to navigate through different segments that are set up within your system (such as starters, main courses, steak dishes, sides…), or browse freely through the different sections by simply scrolling through.

Items can be added to the basket at the touch of a button.

Once the desired items have been added to the basket, the customer can proceed to the checkout page to review their order. At this stage, changes can be made if required and notes for the bar or kitchen team can also be added.

Customers are then prompted to pay as a guest, sign in to an existing account, or create a new account. If the customer is already a loyalty member, they can use the same login details.

Next, making payment.

Options include entering card details manually, selecting a saved card, or paying via Apple Pay.

Your customer can enter a gratuity amount too!

The payment will then be authorised by the payment provider but will not be confirmed just yet. First, service staff will be alerted on the Kobas EPoS that a new order has been placed.

A member of staff can then accept or reject the order. Once accepted, it will trigger an automated confirmation of payment with the payment provider.

If you operate a busy venue and want to auto-approve all orders, you can do that too.

We then let the customer know that their order has been confirmed with a confirmation notice on the app.

If you have auto-approve active for all orders, this will appear for your customer within seconds.

An email receipt is then sent to the customer within a few minutes and the order will be sent to relevant work areas such as the bar or kitchen.


No download required

Do your customers really want to download another app just to place an order? Make the ordering experience quick and easy for everyone with our web-based mobile ordering app, accessible via a QR code or web link.

Designed as a mobile-first platform, our order and pay at table platform looks and feels like a bespoke mobile app, but without the download. However, if your loyal customers want to access it as an app on their smartphone home screen, they can do that too!

This approach ensures that more customers order through your app and that the benefits experienced as a direct result, are maximised.


Your app, your brand

Our app features a simple and easy-to-use layout that is quick to navigate, providing your guests with a smooth user experience from start to finish.

We also know how important it is to have your brand at the forefront of your customer-facing solutions and therefore, we utilise your logo, colour palette and any brand guidelines you have to create a bespoke app feel.

Keeping it connected, including sold out items

Our customer-facing solutions are connected with all Kobas product pillars to ensure efficiency and transparency are at the forefront for everyone. An important area for transparency when using the mobile ordering app, is your out of stock items.

To eliminate customers adding and paying for dishes that are out of stock, we sync our stock countdown feature with all online ordering platforms, counting down items in real-time as they are being sold. As a result, our system will automatically assign a sold out notice against dishes when required.

What else to expect?


Increase spend per head with automated up-sell prompts and product modifiers.


Activate the gratuities feature, enabling your customers to leave a tip at the touch of a button.


Manage pricing, imagery, descriptions and more with ease in Kobas Cloud.


Give customers easy access to allergen information with an allergen and dietary tab per dish.


Customers can complete an order as a guest, by signing into an existing account or registering.


Registered users can save their card details for processing payments quickly in the future.


Purchase data syncs with our loyalty platform, adding points to a member’s account automatically.


Have promotional codes active? Customers can add them at the checkout stage.


No costly on-going fees for a separate solution as the app comes as part of your Kobas suite.

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