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Allergen & Dietary Profiling

Give your guests peace of mind with transparent allergen, dietary and nutritional information, accessible on the Kobas EPoS and all online ordering platforms.

Hospitality operators have a legal duty of care to communicate clear allergen information to their customers. However, even with provisions in place such as placing allergen icons on hard copy menus and sharing allergen information verbally, accidents can still happen.

Manage, provide and store allergen, dietary and nutritional information easily and accurately when using Kobas.

Allergen information

Make allergen management efficient when assigning allergens to ingredients in Kobas Cloud. Browse through our legislated allergens and assign them accordingly – it’s that simple. When building recipes using your allergen-assigned ingredients, we’ll automatically create the allergen profile.

Allergen profiles will translate into your online ordering app within a dedicated allergen tab per dish, providing your customers with complete transparency.

Need to swap out or add ingredients to a recipe? Not a problem. The allergen profile will automatically update accordingly, reducing time spent on making further changes.

Legislated allergens within the 14 major groups
Browse through legislated allergen groups such as Cereal/Wheat and add the granular allergen type within that group. For example, Wheat, Rye, Barley and Oats. Protect your guests further by assigning a contains, may contain or trace label against allergens.

Allergen-assigned modifiers
Product modifiers are also built from your allergen-assigned ingredients. This means if the allergen status of a dish changes based on a specific selection, the allergen profile on your customer-facing ordering app will change automatically.

Customer-facing notices
Confirm if an item has no allergens in Kobas Cloud, allowing for the ability to differentiate between items that have no allergens and items that have no confirmed allergen status. If a recipe has no allergens assigned, we’ll give you a prompt reminder just to make sure. All items that do not have any allergens assigned will be recognised in your Kobas online ordering apps and will populate a “please ask about allergens” notice for your customers.

Dietary labels

Assign dietary labels against your recipes including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, halal, kosher and many more. As a seamlessly connected system, we’ll sync that information to your online ordering app powered by Kobas.

Nutritional profiles

Help your customers make meal choices that are right for them by building nutritional profiles against your recipes in Kobas Cloud.

From the 6th April 2022, businesses with more than 250 employees in England must have calorie information on non-prepacked food and soft drinks readily available to customers. For legal information on displaying calories, please research official online sources.

• Assign energy, fat (of which saturated), protein, carbohydrates (of which sugars) and sodium per number of portions intended to serve.

• Add calories to product modifiers. We even support positive and negative quantities – helpful if you have a modifier for “remove cheese”.

• We know portion sizes may differ slightly for different consumption modes, so we’ve ensured you can assign different nutritional per consumption mode too.

• Kobas keepd your guests in the loop by providing all nutritional information against items in your customer-facing ordering app.

• Import nutritional information to update your items in bulk. You can also export and print data sheets to keep handy during service.

Allergen and dietary identifier

Our customer-facing app features a helpful allergen and dietary identifier tool, enabling your customers to select their allergens and view a colour coordinated menu to help them choose items that are safe for them.

This tool can also serve as a source of information for your front of house team. Access from a mobile or tablet when a customer has an allergen query, reducing time spent on conversing with chefs and checking product packaging for allergens.

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