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Customer Loyalty

Turn one-time visitors into loyal customers with a branded Customer Loyalty App. Used by businesses across all hospitality sectors including restaurants, pubs and bars.

Unleash the power of irresistible rewards and drive repeat business with the Kobas Customer Loyalty program, featuring a branded restaurant loyalty app and complete campaign management. Better yet, it works perfectly with the rest of your Kobas system including EPoS, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and more.

Discover a white-label application that meets your brand requirements using a customisable theme with your logo and colour palette.

Our customer loyalty platform is hosted within the Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) – a progressive, mobile-first, web application. It scales perfectly to look and feel like a mobile app and with the same usability, but without the hassle of an app install. This means it can be accessed via a PC, laptop, or tablet device with ease.

Simply promote your loyalty app on your website, social media or use QR codes across online channels and offline materials to navigate customers directly to your loyalty app.

Whilst the app looks appealing to your guests, we’ve also ensured that it’s easy to setup, manage and use. Within a customer’s account, they’ll have access to a hub of information and actions including monitoring next rewards, reward redemptions, nearest venues, reservations, profile settings and more.

The Kobas products are seamlessly connected, allowing you to gain full transparency into the effectiveness of your Kobas loyalty platform by utilising the customer engagement insights available. Understand how much revenue your loyal customers generate your business, what loyalty offers are most effective, and more.


Redeem options

Collecting points and redeeming a reward is efficient for everyone when using our loyalty app. This can be completed in your venue, or online, by scanning the branded loyalty card or the unique QR code found in the customer’s account. The Kobas system will do the rest, updating their loyalty account and order amount automatically. It’s quick, simple and doesn’t interrupt the flow of service.

To increase speed of service even further, or to help a customer who doesn’t have access to their QR code, points can be added to their account later using the unique code on their receipt.


Flexible rewards

Gain full control over the reward thresholds you want to launch for your customers. Once your customers hit the threshold set, the applicable reward will be added to their account. Kobas supports a variety of rewards for you to choose from including monetary discounts, meal upgrades, or a free product.

Push footfall during quieter days of the week with our point boosters feature, allowing you to create targeted campaigns specifically for loyalty users. Similarly, you can also incentivise the purchase of specific items by offering additional points for each one purchased. Who doesn’t enjoy a few extra loyalty points here and there?!

Connected approach

The main benefit of having a complete system in place and hosting all customer-facing solutions in one space (the Customer Interaction Centre), is the connected approach operators and their customers experience.

For example, when a customer registers for a loyalty account, we’ll automatically create a new profile in the Kobas CRM system. That means all future spending and loyalty activity will feed into their profile seamlessly, providing you and your team with insights on spending, visiting and loyalty activity.


Everything your customer needs in their pocket.

When using Kobas, your customers don’t need several logins for apps with different purposes – all functions are available from one space. Want to use Customer Loyalty alone, or add To Table Ordering and Gift Cards to the mix? The choice is yours.

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