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Multi-Venue Ordering

Give your customers the flexibility to place orders from different vendors, through one streamlined app. Introducing Multi-Venue ordering, the perfect mobile ordering app for food halls and food courts.

Fulfil your customers’ cravings and enhance their experiences when visiting a food hall, food court or street food market, by introducing the Kobas Multi-Venue ordering app.

Multi-Venue Ordering (MVO) is a mobile ordering app powered by Kobas, developed to streamline the ordering process for your customers by removing the need for multiple mobile ordering applications or several stall visits. When using the app, your guests can place orders from the different vendors/stalls located under one roof, make one single payment and monitor the status of each order. Different vendors, multiple orders, one efficient mobile ordering app.

Goodbye long queues and hello happy customers.

How does this work?

Multi-Venue ordering is hosted within the Kobas Customer Interaction Centre (CIC), a centralised web application that hosts all your customer-facing online apps in one connected space.

• Multi-Venue Ordering works on a parent-child premise, meaning that different areas can have a lead venue assigned and all other venues within that area will be shown in the app as individual vendors in the marketplace area.

• When a customer orders from multiple venues, Kobas catches the order and splits it, sending the individual orders down to each relevant EPoS server, where work dockets print and the order is fulfilled by the staff at each venue.

• Some vendors may only want to have to-table ordering active, whilst others might want to add a click & collect option. In Kobas Cloud, the ordering options available at each venue can be managed with ease.

• Manage variable opening/closing hours for each vendor in Kobas Cloud and the system will only show them live in the Multi-Venue ordering marketplace area when they’re open.

Your customer takes a seat and scans the QR code on the table from their mobile device. No table number selection needed!

If vendors within the food hall or marketplace have different ordering options available (to-table or click and click), the customer will be prompted to select an option.

The customer will then be presented with the vendor marketplace page, displaying the available places to order from based on the ordering option selected.

Variable opening days and times can be managed in Kobas Cloud, so only venues that are open will appear.

When a venue has been selected, the customer is ready to browse through the menu. They can then select other venues and continue adding to one shared basket.

They will then review their order, which will show the items added against each venue with the ability add notes to specific orders.

After doing so, they will proceed to payment.

When proceeding to payment, the customer will be provided with a few checkout options. Sign in with an existing account, create a new account or checkout as a guest.

When paying, card details can be entered manually, a saved card can be selected, or the customer can pay with Apple Pay. A gratuity amount can be entered at this stage too.

Better yet, your customers will pay with just one convenient transaction. Simple!

The individual vendor/s would then accept the order (or auto-accept can be turned on) and payment would be taken by the lead venue.

The app will show an order confirmation screen, which expands to cater for the order statuses of each venue that they have ordered from.

Your customers will also receive VAT receipts per vendor via email.


White label app

The Customer Interaction Centre, including Multi-Venue Ordering for food halls, is a ready-built software application containing the latest features, a trialled and tested user interface and a branded theme.

This approach allows for a reliable, efficient and cost-effective deployment whilst ensuring your branding is at the forefront for a bespoke, white-label app feel.

No download required

Give your customers a seamless ordering experience with a progressive web app that requires no app install, letting your customers get straight to ordering.

If your loyal customers want to access Multi-Venue Ordering as an app on their smartphone home screen, they can do that too.

What else to expect?


Increase spend per head with automated up-sell prompts and product modifiers.


Easy to manage settings against each vendor, straight from Kobas Cloud.


No costly ongoing fees for a separate solution as the app comes as part of your Kobas suite.


Manage pricing, imagery and descriptions with ease in Kobas Cloud.


Complete orders as a guest, sign into an existing account or by registering.


Choice of ordering options against each vendor including to-table and click & collect.


Monitor the order status at each venue from the app.


Seamlessly connected with the entire Kobas suite including the EPoS and reporting.


Progressive web app that works seamlessly on smartphones, tablets and PC devices.

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