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Delivery / Click & Collect

Introduce an additional revenue stream and increase sales across your hospitality business with our online ordering system, featuring delivery and click & collect.

More and more customers now want to see their favourite restaurants, pubs, cafes and other F&B venues, providing delivery and click & collect services. With our restaurant delivery software, Kobas users can offer and manage these additional online ordering options and revenue streams with ease.

Experience a branded web app that is intuitive, easy to manage, entirely connected with your Kobas suite, and hosts a range of other platforms including our mobile ordering app (order & pay at table) and our customer loyalty app.

How this works

Hosted in the Customer Interaction Centre (CIC), our delivery and click & collect software takes the form of a progressive web app. This means that it continues to evolve with the latest features, always remains scalable for the latest devices, and sits alongside other customer-facing platforms in one easy-to-access application. Want to offer just delivery services, click & collect, or both? The choice is in your hands. Manage the ordering options available and visible to your customers, in Kobas Cloud.

Customers can gain access to your delivery or click & collect platform via a URL or QR code, which can be hosted on your website or social media.

There’s no app download required, although the web app can be saved to your customer’s smartphone home screen for an app experience if preferred.

From there, the customer will be required to select an option, delivery or click & collect (if both options are available).

If delivery is selected, the user will be prompted to enter their postcode. This ensures they are within the delivery range that has been set.

If they’re not within the delivery range, it won’t show the venues available for them and will tell them they’re not within range.

If you’re a multi-site operator, the user will be prompted to select which venue they’d like to order from, listing those available within the delivery range set and displaying the closest venues first.

From there, the customer can browse through the digital menu. Just like our mobile ordering app, they can navigate around the menu with ease, adding items to their basket in one tap and viewing allergen information if required.

Once they’re ready to place the order, the details are reviewed in the checkout screen. Order notes can be inputted within this area, alongside the selection of a preferred delivery or collection time.

Next, payment.

Customers can make the payment by inputting their card details manually, using their saved card details, or paying via Apple Pay.

The order is then sent across to the Kobas EPoS or kitchen display system on-site, where a member of staff will accept or decline the order.

Want to accept all incoming orders? Activate the auto-accept feature.

Once accepted, payment will be authorised by the third-party provider and the confirmation notice will appear on the online app for the customer.

A confirmation email will then be sent to the customer to confirm their order details, payment and the delivery or collection time.

If the customer is a loyalty member, the applicable points will be added to their account automatically too!


White label app

Our delivery and click & collect software uses a simple and easy-to-navigate layout, providing your guests with a smooth user experience from beginning to end. This also means that when you update your menu items, the design and format won’t be compromised in any way.

We understand how important brand consistency is and for your branding to be present on your customer-facing platforms. To ensure that we meet your specific requirements, we use your colour palette, logo and any style guides to tweak the look of your delivery and click & collect platform, making it look and feel like a bespoke application.

Connected technology approach

Our customer-facing solutions are connected to key solutions across the Kobas product pillars to increase efficiency and data visibility for all users.

We provide full transparency into key areas such as out-of-stock items by syncing the stock countdown feature to all Kobas online ordering apps. This means our system will automatically count down items in real-time as they’re being sold. When that stock has gone, we’ll let your customers know by adding a sold out notice on the required dish and deactivating the add to basket button temporarily.


What else to expect?


Supports modifiers and up-sell prompts, proving to increase spend per head.


Manage Delivery / Click & Collect recipes, imagery, prices and more in Kobas Cloud.


Displays an allergen and dietary tab on each product for easy to access dish information.


Set delivery ranges to ensure only customers within a certain range can place an order.


Registered customers can save their card details to increase speed of payment.


Syncs with our loyalty platform, ensuring points are automatically added to an account.


Discount and promotion codes can be inputted at the checkout.


Customers can arrange for delivery or collection at a specific time with our order ahead feature.


Connects with Kobas Insights, allowing teams to analyse delivery / click & collect performance.

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