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Stock Control

Discover a smooth hospitality stock control system that saves your team time and your hospitality business, money.

Put spreadsheets and time-intensive stock counts behind you with Kobas.

Imagine ordering, transferring and managing stock in minutes. How? Well, when you choose the Kobas hospitality system, you gain access to all management tools including our comprehensive hospitality stock control software. This means embracing stress-free stock processes by utilising a platform built with intuitive features at the forefront, ensuring your business remains efficient, organised, and profitable.

Orders and deliveries

Manage orders and deliveries across your business in one centralised area. Whether you’re creating new orders or managing deliveries, the process is always streamlined and simple when using our hospitality-developed, stock control system.


Efficient ordering
Ordering stock and managing your inventory has never been so easy. Select which site the stock should be delivered to, the requested delivery date, your chosen supplier and the ingredients required. From there, we’ll automatically notify the supplier via email.

Suggested order values
Kobas generates accurate suggested order values based on sales and historic stock longevity. When placing an order, input how long that stock order should last for and Kobas will do the rest.

Accept incoming goods
Check and accept incoming goods in real-time using a tablet or mobile device. Any changes in quantity and cost can be flagged and recorded, including the delivery note which can be attached by using the device’s camera. Simple, accurate, accountable and always up to date.

Stock status tracking
Gain full transparency into all pending and historical stock order information with our live activity feed. Browse through all order details, the status, if an invoice has been raised or paid, and which member of staff placed the order.

Manage permission settings
Restrict what different team members can order with granular user permission settings. For example, permitting your Bar Manager to only order wet-led stock.

Ordering AI
Use our ordering AI to ensure that your team order enough, but not too much stock, every time.


Does your hospitality business have a centralised kitchen or often transfer stock between sites? Our stock control system contains the functionality required to accurately record and analyse these key stock movements on a LILO (last-in, last-out) basis.


Fulfillment manager
With our transfer fulfilment manager, you can monitor and manage all transfer requests through a secure 4-factor authentication process. Transfers progress from pending through to processing and dispatched, to being received by the requesting venue.

Automated transfer requests
Select the ingredients or batch prepared products in the same way you would place an order from a supplier. A transfer request is then sent to the supplying venue, ready to manage.

Supplier management

When placing stock orders via emails or calls, operators often experience a common drawback – time. Remove back and forth emails and engaged phonelines by processing orders through Kobas Cloud.


Automated emails
Automated confirmation emails are sent to the supplier once an online order has been placed through our stock control system, including a PO number. An efficient process with no back and forth communication required. In fact, we timed the process and it takes under a minute on average to place an order in full!

Supplier catalogue
Create and manage your catalogue of suppliers with ease. Your supplier profile includes contact details, tax rates, references and nominal codes for Sage or Xero imports. Assign suppliers to your ingredients including the measure per unit, units per pack and price per pack.


The often-dreaded part of the stock cycle is the stocktake. With a manual stock sheet process, it’s easy for mistakes to happen and for discrepancies to appear.

Reduce avoidable errors and increase efficiency by accurately counting and recording items with our automated stock check functionality.

Stock takes on the go
Conduct stock takes on a tablet device, allowing your team to directly enter stock check information as they go, even where WiFi reception is a limitation. All data is recorded in real-time and stored in Kobas Cloud in a dedicated stock take activity feed.

Automated stock counts
Our stock take functionality permits the entry of entire multi-packs, individual units and even part units, automatically calculating the correct count and helping to eliminate discrepancies.

Menu management made easy

Your stock solution doesn’t end with ordering and transferring. Kobas provides a complete stock solution including recipe engineering, helping your team to build and manage profitable menus.

Operational performance insights

Our Insights product pillar provides teams with a range of detailed reports across three core areas: operational performance, customer engagement and labour analysis. With our operational performance insights, management and head office have the tools needed to discover everything there is to know about stock movements, stock usage, wastage levels, ingredient averages and more.

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