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Complete Hospitality System

Replace standalone platforms for a seamlessly connected and complete hospitality system. Developed for all food and beverage businesses, of all sizes.

The Kobas product pillars

Our hospitality system contains is a variety of intuitive software solutions, arranged into a scalable product pillar framework that continues to grow. Each pillar services a different area of your business, sharing data and connecting seamlessly to other pillars to provide maximum functionality, transparency and efficiency.


Our In-Venue product pillar contains on-site software solutions such as our EPoS system, built to drive efficiency, accuracy and productivity during service.

Experience a powerful hospitality EPoS system that is easy to use, adaptable and tailored to meet your specific business needs.



Gain maximum control, increase profitability and streamline time-poor management processes with an invaluable suite of operational platforms. Developed to drive your hospitality business forward.

Ordering, transferring and managing stock within a business is one of the most time-consuming tasks for hospitality teams. Instead, introduce smooth stock control processes that save your team time and your business, money.

Maximise profitability with our comprehensive recipe engineering tools, enabling you to create and manage recipes whilst gaining granular transparency into actual costs, profit margins, wastage levels and much more.

Protect your guests by keeping them informed with easy to access allergen and dietary information against the items on your menu.

Get the information you want, in the format you need, on time and fully compliant. With a set of customisable opening, in-shift and closing tasks, your workforce has everything they need to complete key functions within the business.



Build customer retention and deliver the best guest experiences with our suite of customer-led technology platforms, including our white-label mobile ordering app and customer loyalty platform.

Reward your customers and boost revenue by increasing visit frequency with our digital customer loyalty platform. Branded to your business, feature-rich and easy to manage.

Put the power of ordering into the hands of your customers and increase efficiency for everyone, with our order and pay-at-table mobile app. Add the link to your website or place a QR code on the table for easy menu access, no app download required!

Allow your guests to enjoy their favourite food at home and introduce an additional revenue stream with our delivery and click & collect platform. Hosted in a branded and progressive online ordering platform that is seamlessly connected to your full Kobas suite.

Give your guests the ability to order from the different venues located under one roof and make one single payment, through one streamlined mobile ordering app.

Create tailored discounts and promotions to increase footfall during those quiet periods, whether that includes adding loyalty promotions or generating and tracking codes to support external marketing campaigns – the choice is yours.

Replace manual booking processes with rapid reservation management. Eliminate cross bookings, reduce reservation errors and increase covers by integrating Kobas with leading reservation systems.

Get to know your customers with a hospitality system that includes a CRM platform, enabling management and head office to create, manage and track customer profiles, spending habits, visiting behaviours, and much more.



Workforce management has never been easier, with Kobas. Streamline all team-related tasks from the moment a candidate applies, through to following a custom onboarding process, the scheduling of rotas and managing labour costs.

Free up to 100 management hours per venue per year, with a slick recruitment platform, helping you find the top talent to join your team with tailored landing pages, smart custom fields, and more.

Discover the streamlined way to manage your HR processes. Our HR management system stores all information against your employees and helps you stay on top of key tasks, by bringing everything together into one centralised platform.

Create, manage and share beautiful rota schedules. Our Rotas & Payroll platform features an easy-to-navigate interface that makes scheduling, simple. Your employees can even access the rota via their own mobile device, so no skipping a shift!

Have you ever put a member of staff on a shift not realising they had an authorised holiday scheduled? An easy mistake to make when manually managing rotas. Our holidays and time off tools take the stress out of tasks just like this by working in harmony with the entire Teams suite.



Turn insights into actions that push your business forward. By connecting our product pillars and providing businesses with a hospitality system that operates across all core areas, Kobas is able to provide users with a range of detailed insights in one easy-to-access place.

Want to identify the best performing items within a product group? How about analysing week-on-week sales and wastage levels? Keep a close eye on information just like this and more, with operational performance reporting.

Loyal customers are advocates of your business, providing a consistent revenue stream through re-visits. Understand the impact they have on your business by analysing the performance of loyalty campaigns, loyalty member spending habits and more with our customer engagement insights.

Staffing is one of the largest costs to a hospitality business, so it’s important to ensure that everything is ship-shape across your team and performance is at its peak. The data found in labour analysis insights can be used to support appraisals, forecast budgets and schedule reports. Overall, it’ll help you make the most cost-effective staffing decisions.


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