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Our Software Updates

Why do you update your software?
Kobas is hospitality management software as a service (SaaS). This means we aim to provide a continuous service that’s always available and is constantly improving. By and large the vast majority of our improvements are either small changes or brand-new features, but it’s inevitable that sometimes we will need to make changes to your workflow.

We therefore strive to provide continuous delivery of bug fixes and small improvements, and we bundle together any workflow changes into more formal releases that carry advanced warning.

Bugs? That doesn’t sound good.
No one wants to use buggy software. Robustness and stability are important to the value provided by the Kobas service, so we take steps to minimise the issues our client encounter. We automatically unit test our code every time we change anything, and additionally at random intervals. All our services are automatically monitored, and our engineers are alerted any time even the slightest discrepancy is noted, whether night or day.

What’s your update schedule?
We also recognise that while the back of house “Cloud” service is important, Kobas EPoS is mission critical and used in high pressure environments, and that unexpected changes there can be especially painful. We therefore run separate schedules for these two services.

Kobas EPoS

Typically, we will update EPoS installations monthly, usually towards the beginning of the week. We try to avoid updates in December as we know everyone is exceptionally busy.

We keep a Change Log of all EPoS changes.


Kobas Cloud

Our Cloud offering covers a vast array of web applications, from customer loyalty, online ordering and reservations handling, through our APIs to the main back of house portal. As such we will typically perform two updates a week across all these properties, and we aim for one major enhancement a month, preceded by an email alert and a knowledgebase article detailing the advantages of the forthcoming release.

We keep a Change Log of all major Kobas Cloud changes.

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