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Staff Management

Hospitality workforce management made easy with cloud-based staff management software.

From recruitment to onboarding, through to performance tracking and scheduling, our staff management software gives you the power to do it all.

Created for the hospitality industry and seamlessly connected with the Kobas EPoS system, our workforce management platforms give you and your team the tools needed to host job vacancies, track applicants, follow customised onboarding processes, schedule rotas, manage holidays and much more.

Recruitment & Applicant Tracking

Gain full control of employee profiles and increase transparency against recruitment activities from the moment they apply, with our recruitment and applicant tracking solution.

Recruitment portal
Our recruitment portal is hosted as a branded landing page, automatically pulling through the vacancies created in your Kobas system and removing them when they’ve been marked as filled. Simply promote the link on your website, social media channels or popular job sites.

Custom interview stages
Create a tailored process with customisable stages such as phone interviews and trial shifts. From here, you can record all progress against the applicants, including the functionality to decline those who don’t quite fit the bill with an automated email.

Smart rules
Save time on mining through applications that don’t meet your requirements by adding a mandatory option against an answer. For example, if the applicant selects no to the question have you got previous experience in hospitality, the application will terminate automatically with a customised message.

Application form builder
Create vacancies with custom application forms that are suited to your business and a particular role.

HR Management

Get more from your HR system with an all-in-one connected platform that seamlessly integrates with your entire Kobas system including recruitment, rotas and holiday management.

Employee profile management
Capture and store all employee information and activity within dedicated employee profiles, syncing all key information from the moment they apply using the Kobas recruitment portal, through to their 5th year work anniversary.

Onboarding tasks
Follow a clear onboarding process with P45 capture, a tailored starters schedule, documentation storage, bank details and more.

Skills matrix
Understand each employee’s flexibility across the business by assigning skills or job roles to their skills matrix. This works in harmony with the Kobas rota management platform to ensure the best-suited employees are assigned to skill-specific shifts.

Manage all processes
Track and store information on crucial employee processes including training schedules and appraisals.

Rotas & Payroll

Remove the stress surrounding shift planning with the Kobas rotas and payroll platform, resulting in smooth scheduling, accurate budgeting and live rota transparency.

Alerts to reduce errors
Our system controls against your staff being scheduled onto shifts when they have an approved holiday in place, eliminating errors and decreasing admin time on re-scheduling and re-informing the wider team on rota changes.

Synced with the skills matrix feature
Require a specific skillset for a certain shift? Using our skills matrix functionality, our system will flag employees who are available and have the right skills to work that shift.

Template builder
Build a variety of rota templates for common shift patterns to decrease admin time.

Live rota updates
Rotas can be accessed from any internet-connected device including a smartphone. This allows your team to view the latest rota updates at any given time, providing increased transparency and reduced miscommunication.

Budget transparency
Our system allows management to create rotas that are backed up with financial data surrounding budgets including predictions, year on year and week on week.

Holidays & Time Off

Work smarter with online holiday and time off management, connecting with all staff management platforms across the Kobas system to increase efficiency and reduce human error.

Holiday dashboard
Our live holiday dashboard provides you with full visibility into all incoming holiday and time-off requests with the ability to manage the request status, perform bulk actions, add reasons when declining requests and more.

Self request dashboard
Staff members can view their holiday information and submit requests in one easy-to-access online space within their dedicated self-service request dashboard.

Authorised leave transparency
When scheduling rotas, management will be alerted when trying to schedule an employee onto a shift when they have authorised leave.

Labour analysis reports
Utilise our labour analysis reports to analyse holiday data across the team, in one overview. View the cost of remaining holidays accrued, average shift lengths, holidays remaining, allowance/carried over and more.

Calendar view
View month-to-month activity across the team and for specific staff members using our tailored calendar view including key dates such as holidays, time off and work anniversaries.

Allowance management
Track and assign staff holiday allowances within their dedicated employee profile.

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