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EPoS for Restaurants

Discover flexible EPoS for restaurants, ready to drive your business forward and serve up the best customer experiences.

Operate an independent restaurant, multi-site casual dining group, or a chain of quick-service venues? Our EPoS for restaurants provides the flexibility needed to meet your specific technology requirements.

Our EPoS system connects seamlessly to all core platforms across the Kobas product pillars, providing businesses with a holistic solution that offers real-time transparency into operational movements across key areas such as stock, sales, staff, and customers.

Beyond this, Kobas hosts a growing suite of industry-developed software solutions. This provides you and your team with a complete hospitality system that is all-encompassing and can fulfil wider business needs with key platforms such as stock control, customer loyalty, mobile ordering, staff management and much more.


Casual dining restaurants


Fine dining restaurants


Brasserie & bistro


Quick service restaurants


Food halls

Flexible EPoS

Our EPoS system is flexible, easy to manage and contains the latest functionality. It helps restaurant operators take their business to the next level with efficient service, increased revenue and enhanced productivity levels.

• The Kobas EPoS works on many portable devices, making it the perfect platform to use for mobile POS. This enables front-of-house staff to increase the speed of service and revenue by processing orders and payments at a table, directly from a portable device.

• We develop and test our software solutions alongside industry experts and F&B operators, allowing us to grow our EPoS feature suite with innovation and industry needs at the forefront.

• Manage all system changes away from your site and at the tap of a button, with Kobas Cloud. Adapt your EPoS layout, schedule automated menu changes, manage system settings and much more.

• Process payments in seconds and with fewer mistakes by integrating your EPoS system with leading payment providers.

Mobile Ordering

Put the power of ordering into the hands of your customers with our innovative mobile ordering platform, giving your restaurant visitors the tools required to order and pay from their own smartphone device. It’s a secure and frictionless web application designed to look and feel like a bespoke app for your business, but without the download.


• Provide customers with quick access to your online ordering app by placing QR codes onto tables. Alternatively, add a link to your website, social media pages, on your hard copy menus, or other display materials on the table. Easy!

• Need to notify your guests about out-of-stock items? Not a problem. Our mobile ordering platform connects with the EPoS item countdown feature, showing real-time availability for dishes with a visible out-of-stock notice when applicable.

• Manage your mobile ordering menu, pricing and design through Kobas Cloud.

• Send automated email receipts and confirmations to your customers.

• Links seamlessly with our restaurant EPoS, kitchen display system and selected printers for live order management.


Manage your restaurant bookings in one centralised space using one of our EPoS integrations with a leading reservation provider. By integrating Kobas and your chosen reservation platform, you can streamline workload by creating and managing bookings (and more), directly from the Kobas EPoS system or Kobas Cloud. The days of managing multiple systems and written bookings are gone!




Our integration with Mailchimp makes it easier than ever to target certain reservation customers (for example, no-shows). This provides your team with an automated import feature, allowing compliant email campaigns to be created without manual exports/imports.


Send automated email confirmations to your customers with their reservation details and authorisation of any pre-payments or deposits made.

Rotas & Payroll

Plan, edit and publish rotas with our powerful rota creator. As part of our Teams product pillar, our rotas & payroll platform ensures that you can accurately schedule shifts, whilst staying on budget.


• Ever scheduled a member of staff onto a shift when they have approved leave? An instant alert will notify you inside the platform, ensuring this never happens again.

• When using our intuitive skill matrix feature, only employees with the assigned skillset and/or training can be scheduled for a skill-specific shift.

• Your team can view rotas from their personal device, including all updates and changes made in real-time. No more excuses for accidentally missing a shift!

• Securely backed up with financial data around budgets (prediction, year on year, week on week) for enhanced transparency and forecasting.

Customer Loyalty

Increase customer engagement and boost loyalty with a smart digital loyalty platform.

The Kobas customer loyalty platform is a flexible, white-label web application that comes branded to your business. It has the look, feel, and functionality of a bespoke mobile app, but without the download! Built to help hospitality operators increase visit frequency, achieve higher average spends and improve customer satisfaction levels.

• Manage your loyalty schemes in Kobas Cloud such as setting reward thresholds and launching loyalty point boosters to increase footfall.

• Your customers can explore a range of information within their loyalty account including next rewards, past reward redemptions, nearest venues, profile settings, and reservations.

• It’s never been easier for your guests to redeem points and rewards when using the Kobas customer loyalty platform. Customers can present their physical loyalty card for service staff to scan, or use the QR code found in their loyalty account. Alternatively, a unique code will be printed on the customer’s receipt, enabling them to add the points to their account later.

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