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Labour Analysis Reporting

Labour costs, holidays, and more – discover key information across your team with labour analysis reporting.

Making sure that everything is ship shape within your team is crucial when operating a hospitality business. With our labour analysis reporting, Kobas has you covered.

Labour Analysis forms part of our Insights product pillar, which also contains reports on operational performance and customer engagement.

Analyse labour costs

Our labour cost report provides you with a bird’s eye view of all staff costs across the business, helping you to make informed decisions when creating budgets, setting out recruitment plans and more.


• Compare your actual labour spends with income over a chosen date range.

• Monitor labour spends as a proportion of net sales to optimise future labour allocation in certain venues or days of the week.

• Understand labour reports per person including hours worked, labour as a percentage vs sales transactions and more.

• Monitor tips per employee segmented by salaried staff and hourly staff.

Keep track of clocking in/out activity

Our labour time comparison report ensures that management and head office can keep a close eye on rota times, staff clock times and actual hours worked.


• Against each member of staff, Kobas displays actual hours worked as declared in management closing tasks, clock time from staff via the EPoS and the hours as submitted on the rota.

• Highlights break hours and additional hours worked in red to indicate you are paying more than the clock data says you should. In comparison, green indicates you’re paying less.

Monitor holidays and time off

Stay on top of holiday and time-off activity across your workforce with a suite of holiday management reports.

• View a breakdown of each staff member’s time off, in one space. This includes holidays taken, sick days, sent home, authorised and unauthorised absences and more.

• Save the stress of information overload by using venue filters paired with a date range, allowing you to focus on the data you need.

• Review a full holiday allowance report including accrual and usage, remaining holidays, cost of remaining accrued, average shift length per employee and holiday status (pending, approved and declined).

What else to expect?


Analyse your staff turnover data including the progression across your recruitment stages, staff churn and overall team size.


Customise your own dashboard in Kobas Cloud, featuring information that is most important to you.


As a cloud-based system, accessing accurate data in real time, from any device and location, has never been easier.

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