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EPoS for Food Halls

Discover the future of EPoS for food halls – centralised, complete and under control.

Food halls are more than a place to eat. They’re a new way of socialising and an opportunity for independent businesses to thrive – and they’re in need of an EPoS system that can keep up with their unique requirements.

Kobas is the technology provider to offer exactly that by providing a centralised suite of software platforms, making it easy for food hall owners and traders to connect with customers, reduce queues, increase revenue, and consolidate data.

Flexible EPoS

Discover a flexible EPoS system for food halls that can meet the specific requirements of each trader.

Kobas provides a till installation per trader alongside access to their own Kobas Cloud account, allowing users to manage every aspect of their own outlet including menu management, stock and rota scheduling. This allows food hall owners to pass administration from their own team and onto the operators, saving many hours for everyone.


Multi-Venue Ordering

The food hall model presents some challenges for customers. Queues are common (and that doesn’t get any better for those who want to order from multiple traders), allergen and out-of-stock information isn’t always easy to access, and receiving the order often means waiting at the side of the stall.

Our Multi-Venue Ordering application is the solution and has soon become a must-have for food halls. With a single web app, customers can find their seat, place orders from different traders, and pay for everything in one swift move whilst keeping an eye on their order statuses. It even supports a tipping program that distributes tips fairly to the venues involved – thank us later!

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

For traders experiencing a high volume of orders, the Kobas Kitchen Display system is the answer. Our slick system helps kitchen teams manage orders in just a few taps, allowing them to focus on serving up great food, fast. It brings together incoming orders from multiple channels including in the venue, the Kobas ordering app, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and more), so your team can see all orders in one clear view and prioritise them with ease.

Centralised Insights

One of the biggest headaches for food hall owners is managing the data across all vendors who often use disparate systems. Our centralised system eliminates this issue, saving time and giving you more control.

Kobas pulls your required figures into a single report, allowing for the addition of revenue sharing rates to cut the financial admin from hours to seconds. You can also gain insight into other key areas such as customer activity and venue performance, without the need for costly third-party integrations to pull data together.

Enterprise Management Tools

When using Kobas, the EPoS system is just the beginning. Our complete suite of enterprise management tools enables you to handle all areas of the business including rota scheduling and holiday management, through to stock control, recipe engineering and those all-important compliance tasks. Even better, each trader has access to all platforms within their own account.

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