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EPoS for Cafes & Coffee Shops

EPoS for cafes and coffee shops powered by Kobas – more than just a till.

Searching for the best EPoS system for your café or coffee shop, or maybe for a group of venues?

At Kobas, we provide the perfect blend of technology platforms for cafes and coffee shops including EPoS, integrated payments, customer loyalty, online ordering and so much more. Better yet, operators gain access to all parts of Kobas. That means no additional costs to use certain tools or on third party integrations, just one seamlessly connected and cost-effective system.

Efficient EPoS

A must-have for any café or coffee shop – the Kobas EPoS. Filter out inefficiencies and explore a system that will change how you tackle that early morning coffee rush.

• Process orders in seconds with product modifiers. Large oat milk latte with two pumps of vanilla and an extra shot coming up!

• Streamline the payment process with swift transactions using integrated payments.

• Serve customers on the move as our EPoS adapts perfectly for other devices. Goodbye to additional costs for a separate handheld ordering solution.

Customer Loyalty App

Turn walk-ins into repeat customers and generate reliable revenue with a rewarding loyalty program.

• Replace paper stamp cards with a branded web app, making it easy for members to monitor points, redeem rewards and manage their profile.

• Manage flexible rewards in Kobas Cloud. Choose from monetary discounts and vouchers, meal upgrades or a free item. Any free hot drink at 500 points? Yes please.

• Gain access to customer profiles and learn more about their visiting habits.

• Hosted in a connected app featuring mobile ordering, delivery / click & collect and gift cards.

Stock Control

Streamline your stock processes with a stock control platform that gives you the power to manage orders and deliveries within one centralised system.


• Place orders with suppliers without the back and forth of phone calls and emails. Our automated emails and live order tracking makes things easy.

• Utilise our intuitive ordering AI to make sure you don’t under or over order stock.

• Our system automatically produces accurate order values based on sales and historic stock longevity.

• Conduct stock takes on the go and record data in real-time.

Delivery / Click & Collect

Extend your offering and increase revenue by giving your customers the option to order for delivery or click & collect.

• Accessed within your branded app where customer loyalty, mobile ordering and gift cards can also be found.

• No app download or signup needed.

• Supports delivery ranges, order ahead, live order status tracking. gratuities and more.

• Integrate your EPoS for cafes with Uber Eats, Deliveroo and many others using our integration with Deliverect.

Business Insights

It’s that time again – you’ve poured the beans and your baristas have prepared the coffee (latte art and all). Now, it’s time to take a look at exactly how your café or coffee shop is performing. Kobas provides a suite of insightful reports to help you understand all areas of your business including sales, stock, customer engagement, labour and more.

• Customisable user dashboard

• Visual reports to easily identify trends

• Access reports from anywhere


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