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Compliance Tasks

Get the information you want, in the format you need, on time and fully compliant with our organised task management software.

The Kobas digital task management software brings compliance, structure and traceability to your restaurant, pub or bar by documenting operational processes with a customisable set of opening, in shift and closing tasks.

Gain full control of the procedures in place across your business and ensure that your staff are completing key functions when required such as daily cash ups, weekly health and safety checks, or monthly deep clean inspections.

Opening tasks

With our opening tasks, management will be presented with a clear set of opening tasks to be completed at the start of each trading day. This way, you can sure that they’ve started the day the right way.


In shift tasks

As the day progresses, you might want your team to pay special attention to certain areas such as toilet cleanliness, checking fire escapes, or the temperature of various cold stores. Keep on top of these jobs with our customisable in-shift tasks.

To ensure that focus isn’t taken away from service for too long, users can record the completion of these tasks on the move from a tablet or smartphone device.

Closing tasks

When the day is over and the doors are closed, it’s important that your team follow closing procedures to ensure that everything is correctly accounted for and the premises is left ready for the next trading day. With Kobas, management can balance safe and till floats, account for petty cash, reconcile the EPoS Z report to the cash and card transactions, track hours worked, add venue handover notes and much more, in one space.

Our task management system also includes an intuitive cash banking platform, so you can easily track the money out of venues and into the bank account.


Managing your tasks

Create and manage a structured opening, in-shift and closing routine for your F&B business including restaurants, bars and pubs, in Kobas Cloud.

• Delegate tasks in a set completion order and how often they should be performed, whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly.

• Create different schedules across each venue or duplicate the same task routine across your entire estate for consistency.

• Add task groups within your opening, in-shift and closing segments. This can be used to delegate certain tasks to specific areas such as the kitchen.

• View all task management logs to ensure your members of staff are performing tasks as and when scheduled.

• Want to add a task that isn’t already on our list? Users have the flexibility to add custom fields with ease.

• Manage administration permissions to ensure only delegated members of staff can manage task management settings.

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