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Stock Management

Gain full control of your stock processes with our powerful stock management system. Created for hospitality businesses including restaurants, pubs and bars.

The Kobas stock management system provides a complete suite of intuitive stock solutions across all key areas, connecting seamlessly with other Kobas platforms such as our hospitality EPoS to maximise transparency and efficiency in everything that you do.

Explore our suite of intelligent stock management tools, developed to help you improve efficiency when managing your stock, increase profitability when building recipes, and enhance accuracy and transparency with thorough allergen & nutritional profiling.

Stock Control

Order, manage and transfer stock with ease using our comprehensive stock control features, saving your team time and your business, money.


Stock orders
Place new stock orders in minutes from Kobas Cloud, reducing time spent on calling and emailing suppliers.

Site transfers
Manage site transfers in minutes, allowing management to accurately record and analyse stock movements in real-time whilst feeding live activity to the receiving venue.

Supplier catalogue
Create and manage all suppliers in a dedicated supplier catalogue, assigning ingredients, cost prices and key data for Xero or Sage.

Stock takes
Conduct stock checks on a tablet device as you go. Stored and processed in Kobas Cloud, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Ordering AI
Gain control over your stock costs with our intuitive ordering AI, ensuring teams order enough but not too much, every time.

Recipe Engineering

Build costed recipes that are stored, tracked and managed in one centralised location. Our recipe engineering tools enable teams to optimise pricing by calculating key information against each recipe, including theoretical vs actual costs and profit margin against each consumption mode (eat-in, delivery and click & collect).

Costed ingredients
Build items that are sold on the EPoS by using costed ingredients and batch recipes. Within this space, users can assign retail prices for different consumption modes to analyse the different profits based on the price and the ingredient costs. Kobas automatically populates this information for you, no manual calculations required!

Batch recipes
Create costed base/batch recipes from your ingredients to increase efficiency when creating dish recipes. For example, pizza dough batch recipes may be crucial for Italian restaurants serving a range of garlic breads, pizzas, dough balls and calzones.

Allergen & Dietary Profiling

Clear, accurate and automated, the Kobas allergen, dietary and nutritional profiling features ensure that your customers have everything they need to confidently place orders with no questions asked.

Legislated allergens
The Kobas system stores all legislated allergens in clearly defined groups with granular breakdowns, ready to be assigned to ingredients and/or EPoS items.

Granular labelling
All allergens feature a contains, may contain and contains traces of option to apply, providing full transparency for your customers.

Nutritional profiles
Assign nutritional values against your items including energy, fat, protein, carbohydrates and sodium.

Allergen identifier
View allergen and dietary information from your Customer Interaction Centre with the allergen identifier tool, reducing time spent on conversing with chefs and checking packaging when a customer has a query.

Dietary options
Apply clear dietary / lifestyle options to your items including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, halal and kosher.

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