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EPoS for Pubs & Bars

Craft the best experiences with reliable EPoS for pubs and bars.

For busy pubs and bars, it’s crucial to have efficient processes and systems in place. With our pub EPoS, you and your team have access to a robust system that can be relied on during the busiest hours of service.

The Kobas EPoS software is equipped with a growing suite of time-saving features, helping teams to reduce queues, increase the speed of service and grow revenue through minimal data entry and speedy payment processing. So, your team can can focus on pulling pints, mixing mojitos and pouring Pérignon!

Whether you operate an independent pub or bar, a pub with rooms, or a multi-site operation, we have the software required to deliver a complete system that meets your specific business requirements.


Independent pubs and bars


Pub and bar groups


Pubs with rooms


Efficient EPoS

Optimised for swift service, our pub and bar EPoS features an easy-to-navigate interface paired with functionality that eliminates long data entry journeys. Browse menus and process orders in seconds!


Time-saving features
Utilise key features such as product modifiers, bar tabs, split bill and automated offers (perfect for happy hour cocktails) to reduce data entry and save time.

Integrated payments
Process a high volume of payments in less time when using a top-tier payment provider that integrates with Kobas. Take a look at our EPoS integrations.

Manage changes from the cloud
Make all changes in one centralised area with Kobas Cloud. Adapt your EPoS design and layout, schedule new menu launches across all sites, edit system settings, employee permissions, and more.

Stock Control

Running out of popular items during busy hours of service can result in dissatisfied customers and reduced sales. With the Kobas stock control platform in place, you can keep a close eye on stock levels and make sure they’re managed with the appropriate action.

If you’re searching for a complete stock solution with a way to manage your recipes, costs and menus, the Kobas system includes that too with recipe engineering.

Stock countdown
Our stock countdown feature provides transparency on product quantities during a shift. Simply enter the stock quantity against an item on your Kobas EPoS, and the number will reduce every time that item is sold. Once it hits 0, a sold out sign will appear on your Point of Sale (POS) system and all customer-facing platforms.

Ordering AI
Use our ordering AI to ensure enough stock is ordered, but not too much (or too little), every time.

Stock takes on the move
Remove manual paperwork and time-poor processes with our stock check functionality. This enables your team to perform stock takes directly from a tablet or mobile device, whilst automatically storing the information in Kobas Cloud.

Efficient stock ordering
Place and process your stock orders in minutes through Kobas Cloud, reducing time spent on calling and emailing your suppliers.

Rotas & Payroll

Eliminate common staff scheduling issues by creating, updating and sharing digital rotas that automatically update in real-time as changes are made.

Live rotas
Make printed rotas a thing of the past with live rota sharing that is compatible with smartphone devices. You’ll never hear the words “I had the old rota” again.

Time and attendance
Monitor time and attendance through your pub EPoS system, authorise staff hours for the day in Kobas Cloud, and utilise our payroll service to consolidate your system completely.

Automated alerts
Our rota scheduling system will flag when you add a member of staff onto a shift when they have approved leave. Our smart skills matrix feature also provides an alert when scheduling a member of staff onto a shift they don’t have the assigned skills/training for.

Mobile Ordering

Alleviate the pressure on your front-of-house team, increase sales and serve up the best customer experiences, by reducing queues with our mobile ordering technology. As an online web application, it has never been easier for your customers to order and pay from their own smartphone device.

Start ordering in seconds
Your customers can gain easy access to your order and pay app via QR codes on tables, a link on your website, or on social media channels.

Seamlessly connected
Connects with our EPoS for pubs and Kitchen Display System, providing you with real-time order transparency and order fulfilment features.

No download, no hassle
Designed to look and feel like a bespoke ordering app, but without the download. To make the ordering process even quicker, our app provides a checkout as a guest option, encouraging further spends.

Quick payments
Supports Apple Pay for speedy payment processing.

Operational Insights

Want to discover your best-selling items with the highest profit margins? How about analysing your wastage levels? Or do you want to understand sales trends within a certain product group? Our EPoS for pubs and bars connects seamlessly with other platforms across your Kobas system, giving you and your team a wealth of detailed reports and actionable insights.


• Drill down data and get granular by using a variety of filters across your reports.

• Require a report that isn’t available? We offer custom report development too.

• Our Insights product pillar also contains customer engagement and labour analysis reports to provide management and head office with a full business overview.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kobas is a complete hospitality system, giving operators have access to everything that we offer now and in the future . Not only does this include your EPoS system, but an entire suite of management tools to help you manage different areas of the business including your stock, rotas, loyalty scheme, and much more. Those using Kobas can utilise as much or as little of what’s available.

Our simple and cost-effective pricing model is subscription-based and provides businesses with access to all of Kobas, at one fixed monthly price. Your cost depends on a couple of factors such as how many venues you have and your hardware requirements. If you’d like to learn more about the cost of your Kobas system, just fill in a few details below and a member of our team will put together a no obligation proposal for you.

Yes. The Kobas EPoS for pubs and bars scales perfectly for use on iPads and other tablet devices. It can even work on the latest smartphones!

We integrate with other platforms across different areas including Sage and Xero for accounting, Dojo for payment services, Deliverect for delivery, InnStyle for pubs with rooms, and many others.

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