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Kobas EPoS Change Log

v6 – 2022 Q3

  • Kobas Display System, including Kitchen Management System tools, should be available in 2022 Q3.

v5.11 – August 2022

  • Following changes to Apple’s enterprise App guidelines, Kobas EPoS can now be installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA). This enhancement deprecates the now legacy iOS enterprise application.

v5.10 – June 2022

  • EPoS now supports the addition of discretionary service charges direct to orders that aren’t on tabs.
  • EPoS can be configured in Cloud to hide the “Pay Remaining On Card” button to encourage staff to accurately enter tip information into the point of sale.

v5.9 – January 2022

  • EPoS now supports the redemption of Kobas Gift Cards.

v5.8 – November 2021

  • The blue basket button previously labelled “Loyalty” has been changed to “Customers and Codes”. Use this to quickly access discount codes, to manually enter a retail barcode that won’t scan, to add a new customers or to reach the manual loyalty code interface that was previously behind this button.

v5.7 – August 2021

  • EPoS and KDS can now print an order summary dispatch docket which includes allergens information – a single paper slip to be attached to orders / bags which contains all items required to be supplied, along with customer/delivery information.

v5.6 – June 2021

  • Multi-venue ordering support added – Kobas now allows food hall and other multi-vendor sites with shared seating to have a single, unified customer ordering platform.

v5.5 – May 2021

  • More behind the scenes architectural chances to support a kitchen management system.
  • Sales tax rate breakdown added to Till X and Z reports.

v5.4 – March 2021

  • Upload clock in and break times to Kobas Cloud immediately without waiting for Clock Out – so now all partial time information is available when performing your Closing Tasks.
  • Deliverect integration improvements – the vendor is now displayed on all Deliverect work dockets, and we’ve improved the notifications sent when an order is rejected for any reason.

v5.3 – December 2020

  • Behind the scenes architectural changes to pave the way for a kitchen management system.

v5.2 – November 2020

v5.1 – September 2020

  • Online ordering for a future time.
  • EPoS page menu now scrolls if necessary to better support menus with over 10 pages.

v5.0 – Online Ordering – March 2020

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