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Kobas EPoS Change Log

v5.4 – March 2021

  • Upload clock in and break times to Kobas Cloud immediately without waiting for Clock Out – so now all partial time information is available when performing your Closing Tasks.

v5.3 – December 2020

  • Behind the scenes architectural changes to pave the way for a KDS system.

v5.2 – November 2020

v5.1 – September 2020

  • Online ordering for a future time.
  • EPoS page menu now scrolls if necessary to better support menus with over 10 pages.

v5.0 – March 2020

v4.17 – February 2020

  • Dallas key support has been added – let your team identify them with a physical Dallas key or a PIN. Optionally configure specific tills to prevent PIN login if you wish to enforce Dallas key identification.
  • iPad OS support – Kobas EPoS is now compatible with the latest Apple iPad OS.
  • Assign a default EPoS page to specific tills – always revert to that page when the till boots or a user logs in for a new transaction.
  • Tills can now be configured to be cashless – so those of you running cashless venues, or even perhaps some cashless tills in certain areas, can now prevent user error ensuring no cash payments or refunds.
  • Tills can now be configured to optionally pop up either the seating plan picker or the consumption mode pick upon login – great for either QSR where eat in or takeaway needs to be logged correctly, or for tills designated for food orders.
  • EPoS systems now detect whether they are online or offline faster, and if offline, revert to local storage for loyalty customer lookups much faster.

v4.16 – w/c 4th November 2019

v4.15 – w/c 19th August 2019

  • Tab names can now be automatically generated from the table planner.
  • Loke integration.
  • Tab Credit Change and Sales Final Until information added to the Till Z and Journal.

v4.14 – w/c 3rd June 2019

v4.13 – Monday 7th January 2019

  • Compatibility updates for the new stock control system.
  • Inn Style integration.
  • Significant (2x – 10x) speed improvement in tab discount calculation time.
  • Significant (2x – 7x) speed improvement in EPoS simulator launch time.

v4.12 – Monday 8th October 2018

v4.11 – Tuesday 10th July 2018

  • EPoS Collection Numbers may now be optionally added to receipts and work dockets – great for takeaway orders! See Cloud’s Venue Manager -> Sales & Marketing to set this up.
  • Improvements to information layout for work dockets printed on thermal printers.

v4.10 – Tuesday 13th March 2018

  • Loyalty point booster support (beta).
  • Receipts are always updated both locally and pushed to Cloud whenever a tab is manipulated.
  • Discount engine optimisations.
  • Improved emoji support! 😍

v4.9 – Tuesday 30th January 2018

  • Cloud EPoS Simulator support.
  • MariaDB 10.2 support.

v4.8 – Tuesday 16th January 2018

  • Set Menu support is here! Use the Kobas Cloud Discount Manager to arrange groups of items that will be sold for a set price, and have that pricing display on the receipt for each Set Menu rather than per dish.
  • Improved receipt header controls. Use the Venue Manager in Kobas Cloud to change your receipt header image, and determine whether or not to print your Venue Name at the top of the receipt. Find all this, including a drag-and-drop image uploader and resizer, in the Sales & Marketing tab.

v4.7 – Wednesday 29th November 2017

  • Countdown to Sold Out is here!
  • Compact receipts now available as a per-site setting – optionally trade slightly less clarity of order separation for shorter receipts in those busy venues!
  • Improved clarity where items have their category changed (e.g. serve a starter as a mains). Category changes are now visible in the basket and when reviewing orders and tabs.
  • Notes attached to orders and items can now be reviewed and edited on the tills – and emojis are now supported! 😍
  • User X report now offers a per-user payment summary breakdown, so it’s easy to see at a glance who has taken the most revenue and earned the most card tips.
  • Additional payment types can now be configured on a per-venue basis.

v4.6 – Monday 16th October 2017

  • Compensation Options are now available, so that the Comp, Director and Waste operations can be categorised further for better business analysis.
  • Preoday integration providing full online ordering support.
  • All in venue EPoS traffic is now fully encrypted with SSL (HTTPS).
  • Improved support for accented characters in staff names.
  • Service charge can now be applied against the original, pre-discount total of a tab.
  • Customer Facing Screen reload improvements when slide show is changed in Cloud.
  • Cielo Box hardware support improvements.

v4.5 – Monday 23rd June 2017

  • Splitting bills – finally! Great for those groups of people who all ordered together want to pay for their own items individually. You can now easily pick a selection of items from a tab, and whisk them off to a separate tab to be settled separately.
  • EPoS audit log now tracks the addition and removal of items to and from the basket.
  • Other Payment types can now be locked to require scanning of a loyalty card.
  • Individual tills can now be optionally configured in Kobas Cloud to auto log-off when items or tabs are cashed off – great for security when you know the user will walk away once the transaction is complete.
  • Additional payment types can now be configured to optionally be eligible for loyalty point accrual. If eligible, loyalty codes with also appear on relevant receipts.
  • Technical update – migration to the latest and greatest PHP 7.1.
  • Improved performance when paying off an order and recalculating tabs.
  • Improved performance and greater resilience when downloading data pertaining to price band information.

v4.4 – Monday 15th May 2017

  • EPoS loyalty reminder prompts for your team can now be enabled in Cloud’s Venue Manager.
  • Scanning a loyalty customer’s QR or RFID identifier will highlight any tabs they are attached to.
  • It is now possible to change the customer that owns a reservation on EPoS.
  • Printed X/Z User/Till reports now state the venue name.

v4.3 – Monday 27th March 2017

  • Ingenico PDQ EPoS integration over LAN/IP.
  • Ingenico PDQ Cashback support over LAN/IP.
  • Ingenico PDQ Cashback support over USB.
  • J2 650 till support.
  • Easy access to View Last Order and View Last Tab when completing a basket.
  • Improved handling of numeric bar-codes with leading zeros.
  • Printed Till/User X/Z now states if it is the current (x) or final (z) report.
  • Users can now insert text in the middle of text when using EPoS keyboard.

v4.2 – Monday 16th January 2017

  • Manage reservations on the till, including taking new bookings, creating new customers and accepting deposits.
  • Ability to mark no-shows and handle deposit refunds.
  • Till and User X/Z reports updated to handle all new deposit and associate refund information.

v4.1 – Tuesday 11th October 2016

  • Tab discount status and value is now calculated behind the scenes, removing any sluggishness experienced when adding orders to large tabs.
  • General alert introduced if a venue’s internet connection is unavailable. EPoS functionality surrounding clock in/out times, end of trade finance summaries, loyalty customer vouchers and reservations management is reduced under these conditions.
  • Increased stability over weak LANs for the cash drawer operation, PDQ operation, customer facing screen media content and printer connections.
  • Receipt style changes to decrease paper usage and support more printer models.
  • Server and printer software improvements to support iPad only EPoS rigs.
  • Improved support for receipt header images.
  • Fix to prevent premature cash drawer opening when processing cash refunds.

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