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Kobas Cloud Change Log



  • Improvements to privacy controls ensuring only specific senior users can review/amend HR records for junior staff members.
  • Stock order emails now show your company account reference number.
  • The EPoS Discount “Sell x items for £y” now supports up to 20 items for a single price (was 10).
  • Loyalty Reports are now generated “offline” (behind the scenes), allowing larger reports to be generated in the background while you continue your work elsewhere.
  • For easier bulk VAT rate adjustments, we’ve added an option to filter EPoS Items by tax rate.


  • EPoS VAT receipts are now attached to online order confirmation emails.
  • Cash Log Report now breaks down sales by VAT rate.
  • Historical Stock Usage can now be filtered over a date range and/or by team member.


  • Printers can be configured to print Order Summary Dockets. This provides a summary of the whole order, including allergen advice, when requested by KDS or EPoS – great for a printer on the pass or at a collection/delivery point.
  • EPoS Items and Modifiers can now be explicitly marked as containing no allergens.
  • New Temporary Reduced VAT Rate added ahead of the forthcoming 12.5% rate from 1st October 2021.


  • Daily Sales By Order Report now reveals online ordering sources and identifiers for CIC, Preoday and Deliverect Orders, breaking the latter down by vendor name (e.g. Deliveroo/Uber Eats). Report can be filtered by order source.
  • To better support cashless trading, Closing Tasks no longer require a cash bag declaration if all tills are cashless.


  • Multi-venue ordering support added – Kobas now allows food hall and other multi-vendor sites with shared seating to have a single, unified customer ordering platform.


  • Paymentsense Connect PDQs can now be managed via the Kobas Cloud Venue Manager.
  • KDS State and Station manager added to the Kobas Cloud Venue Manager – visible to KDS beta users only at this stage.


  • EPoS Clock-In times are now synchronised to Kobas Cloud without waiting for Clock Out – so now all partial time information is available when performing your Closing Tasks.


  • Your customers can now use the CIC to order ahead.
  • Your customers can now add gratuity to online orders place in the CIC.
  • Deliverect support has been added to the CIC, so your customers can place orders direct into Kobas EPoS via Deliveroo, UberEats and more.


  • Eat Out To Help Out can now be supported as an operator discount.
  • Your customers can now securely save payment card information in the CIC.
  • Your customers can now use the CIC to order ahead.


  • UK – Eat Out To Help Out as UK government payment support added.
  • Apple Pay support added to CIC.


  • The Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) now lets your customers order for collection or takeaway from their own device.
  • PLUs can be optionally hidden in the CIC.



  • The Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) is now available, featuring Allergen information in addition to everything previously found on a customer loyalty site.
  • Venue Manager now allows you to establish a default EPoS menu page per till – great for those tills in bottle bars or cloakrooms.
  • Venue Manager now allows you to prevent PIN login at certain tills – good news if you’ve decided to switch to Dallas Keys.


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