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Kobas Cloud Change Log


  • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) support added to Kobas Cloud. Any user can elect to enable MFA, and administrators can mandate MFA on a per-permission level basis.
  • Daily Sales By Order Report (DSBOR) results can now be exported as a CSV.


  • EPoS can be configured in Cloud to hide the “Pay Remaining On Card” button to encourage staff to accurately enter tip information into the point of sale.


  • Labour cost estimates updated to be aware of the changes to UK employer National Insurance contributions. Support for Irish SSC included in this update.
  • UK “Temporary Reduced” (12.5%) VAT rate deprecated; all items automatically moved into the 20% standard VAT rate.
  • A powerful new Report Engine has been introduced, allowing scheduled HTML, Excel or CSV reports to be emailed, or transferred by FTP or into an AWS S3 bucket.
  • Kobas now support Gift Cards, allowing your customers to purchase vouchers to give as gifts to family, friends and colleagues.
  • Stock Order emails now show status: opened, delivered, bounced, complained.


  • Calorie and nutritional information support added – CIC online ordering now includes this information for your customers.
  • CIC online ordering now permits zero value orders – ideal for promotions and giveaways!


  • Venues can now be configured to prevent end of trade Till Z being run if there is any outstanding tab credit.
  • Labour Costs Report has been changed to include venues with cost of labour, regardless of whether that venue also has revenue. The Head Office venue however is not included on this report.
  • Stock order emails now have their “reply-to” set to the ordering venue’s email address so they will receive any queries or updates about the order.


  • Gift Cards can now be sold from within the CIC and redeemed in-venue on Kobas EPoS.



  • Improvements to privacy controls ensuring only specific senior users can review/amend HR records for junior staff members.
  • Stock order emails now show your company account reference number.
  • The EPoS Discount “Sell x items for £y” now supports up to 20 items for a single price (was 10).
  • Loyalty Reports are now generated “offline” (behind the scenes), allowing larger reports to be generated in the background while you continue your work elsewhere.
  • For easier bulk VAT rate adjustments, we’ve added an option to filter EPoS Items by tax rate.


  • EPoS VAT receipts are now attached to online order confirmation emails.
  • Cash Log Report now breaks down sales by VAT rate.
  • Historical Stock Usage can now be filtered over a date range and/or by team member.


  • Printers can be configured to print Order Summary Dockets. This provides a summary of the whole order, including allergen advice, when requested by KDS or EPoS – great for a printer on the pass or at a collection/delivery point.
  • EPoS Items and Modifiers can now be explicitly marked as containing no allergens.
  • New Temporary Reduced VAT Rate added ahead of the forthcoming 12.5% rate from 1st October 2021.


  • Daily Sales By Order Report now reveals online ordering sources and identifiers for CIC, Preoday and Deliverect Orders, breaking the latter down by vendor name (e.g. Deliveroo/Uber Eats). Report can be filtered by order source.
  • To better support cashless trading, Closing Tasks no longer require a cash bag declaration if all tills are cashless.


  • Multi-venue ordering support added – Kobas now allows food hall and other multi-vendor sites with shared seating to have a single, unified customer ordering platform.


  • Paymentsense Connect PDQs can now be managed via the Kobas Cloud Venue Manager.
  • KDS State and Station manager added to the Kobas Cloud Venue Manager – visible to KDS beta users only at this stage.


  • EPoS Clock-In times are now synchronised to Kobas Cloud without waiting for Clock Out – so now all partial time information is available when performing your Closing Tasks.

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