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Integrated payments with Dojo

Say hello to smoother, faster transactions. Dojo’s integrated payments use cloud-based software to seamlessly link your card machine to your hospitality EPoS system.

Easy installation

Dojo card machines connect with your hospitality EPoS system powered by Kobas in just a few minutes. You’ll quickly receive your integration details, and Kobas can help you get set up either on-site or remotely. So you’ll be trading in no time.

Superfast transactions

With your card machine and your hospitality EPoS system connected wirelessly in the cloud, there’s no need to enter the transaction amount twice. That means faster payments, happier customers and shorter queues all round.

Reduced errors

Tap a payment into your hospitality EPoS system and the transaction is pushed directly to your Dojo card machine. And because you don’t have to enter the amount on both devices, reduced errors could save you up to £140 in written-off revenue each month.*

Rapid reconcilliation

Cashing up at the end of each day takes minutes with integrated payments. Because the payment is pushed from one device to the other, cash and card takings will automatically add up – so you can free up a third of your time cashing-up each day.

Get more with Dojo.


Dojo covers your cost to switch, while giving you freedom to leave.

Get a monthly rolling contract when you join Dojo from another provider. They could even pay up to £3,000 towards exit fees.


Protect your business income with the world’s best payment security.

Dojo card machines are armed with point-to-point encryption as standard. It’s the gold standard in payment security.


Get paid, tomorrow.

Get your takings from 10 am the next day, even on weekends and bank holidays. So there are no long waits to get paid – and, with us only, no extra charges for the privilege.


Replace your card machine in 24 hours.

Speed. Is. Everything. So if we can’t fix your machine remotely, we’ll send out a replacement the next working day.

*No long term commitment

With minimum contract terms starting from 1 month, we won’t tie you down for years. And if you’re switching from another provider, we could cover up to £3,000 towards exit costs.

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