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The Power of Open Data

James O'Sullivan
19 Jul 2013 3min read

In a recent post, we talked about the benefits of an integrated hospitality management system like KOBAS. In short, KOBAS enables you to save time and money by connecting all the elements that make your business tick over into one manageable interface, accessible from anywhere. What’s more, you can now combine the information collected from each data source to pull together both flawless customer interaction and incredible insight into what’s working and what needs improvement in your business.

There’s a key to getting all this to work seamlessly: open data. To put it another way, we play well with others.

We can provide your entire hospitality management solution from EPoS through customer interaction and asset control to staff management, but what’s key for us is that we don’t have to do everything for you. We can not only fill in the blanks, but more importantly we can join everything together so it makes sense.

We’re well aware that there are many software and hardware providers creating great ways to look after each individual component of your hospitality management process. They’re getting pretty good at it. Zonal for instance make smart tills. Iris and Sage do cracking payroll systems. Many of our customers already had a good partial solution such as these before they joined KOBAS, but they needed something to glue it all together so they could take control of their business.

What makes the Kobas process great is being able to combine those components into an all-in-one solution. That’s the standpoint Kobas comes from: we don’t need or expect to be the start or final destination of any data we hold, we’re happy to be a standards driven conduit that makes all this integration possible.

This won’t happen overnight as there are a number of technical hurdles we as service providers need to overcome, and naturally integrations between providers can take time. In the coming months and years suppliers that try and keep their data in ‘walled gardens’ for fear of losing their customers will end up doing just that as the power of integrated solution is fully realised.

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