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Summer with Kobas

Daisy Lang
22 Jul 2016 3min read

British Summertime eh? You have to make the most of it while it’s here. While the sun is shining and summer trade is picking up, here are some ways that you can maximise the seasonal opportunity with Kobas.

Guests outdoors

Tables set up outside? Extra staff on to deal with more customers? iPad EPoS could be just what you need to deal with the additional demand. If you have Kobas tills in your venue already, then it’s super easy to get hold of an iPad or two and get them up and running in no time – allowing your team to serve more customers more quickly, wherever they are in your venue.

If you don’t use tabs, but serve food and drinks to people’s tables, you’ll also benefit from the ability to assign a table to an order. We need to set up your tables first, so contact us to get that sorted, but once they’re in, you’re good to go. On EPoS, simply hit the Properties button above the basket to assign the table, this then gets printed on any work dockets so orders can be shipped out efficiently to your customers.

Last minute menu additions

Chef’s come up with a last minute stroke of genius on a new dish? With full access to create new PLUs and update your till menus 24/7, you’ll never miss a great opportunity to wow your guests with something new.

If, after all that, your fabulous new special proves too popular and you run out, simply use the Admin menu on the till to mark the PLU as sold out. This ensures none of your serving staff accidentally sell something you can’t fulfil, and keeps disappointment to a minimum.

Seasonal deals

A busier period in your venue could be a great opportunity to move some older or slower stock, or maybe you’d like to entice people in earlier with a happy hour. Either way, the comprehensive discount functionality in Kobas allows you to set up new deals and have them available for use in your venues in minutes. Whether it’s 25% off, buy one get one free, or 3 drinks for £10 – you can do it all in Kobas, and even set up things like timed availabilities and trigger items.

Make sure your stock is where you need it

If you have one venue especially suited to sunny fun times, you may find demand rockets there on warmer days, while another venue may quieten down. Make sure your stock is exactly where it will be best utilised with the Kobas stock transfer system, which allows a venue to request stock from another and have it fulfilled with a full audit trail.

Is this busier than last year?

It’s always hard to gauge how this year is going in comparison to last by memory alone. You don’t need to guess though, the Kobas Year on Year report gives you detailed analysis on how your venues are performing in comparison to years passed.

Have yourself a break!

After all this I reckon you’ve earned yourself a little holiday. Use our holiday management system to view and approve any requests from your team, and easily see when there’s a good window for you to get away and enjoy the sun too.

Cheers! 🍻

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