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Reservations have arrived in Cloud!

Daisy Lang
19 Sep 2016 3min read

We told you it was on the way, and we’re now ready for the grand unveiling of our new reservations system in Kobas Cloud. As our major development focus for Q3 this year we’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this project, and we couldn’t be more excited to be releasing phase one of it today.

The new features have automatically been added to all Kobas accounts and, as always, there’s no additional cost to your Kobas subscription to use them.

What is it?

A way for your team to log, track and manage reservations for all your venues from one centralised location – giving you a single go-to place and a full overview across your group.

It’s fully integrated with our customer management tools, so it already knows about your existing customers and their loyalty accounts, and also comes complete with deposit support, notes, and a full audit log to keep track of any changes made.

How do I use it?

Add a new reservation in minutes by retrieving or adding your guest details, then pick a venue, date, time and party size. We’ll automatically send a confirmation email to your guest when the reservation is saved – super simple!

You can also log deposit payments on a reservation (which will be integrated into Kobas EPoS v4 later this month!), notes about your guest or reservation and a type tag to identify the reservation. We only support personal or corporate tags for now, but we’ll be developing this in future.

A full how-to guide can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Where can I find it?

Under Your Customers > Reservations in the left hand navigation.  Access to the brand new section is governed by the Reservations permission set and can be locked down to your staff’s home venues if required.

What’s next?

We’re over the moon to launch this part of the Reservations project and phase two should be coming swiftly on its heels. The next stage will bring some very exciting new EPoS functionality allowing you to access your reservation list on your tills, associate reservations with tabs, and easily redeem any deposits that have been logged in Cloud. Watch this space for updates! [Update – out now!]

We hope you love the new Reservations system but if you have any feedback or questions, please get in touch.

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