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Remote Download Data

Dan Gilligan
04 May 2017 3min read

Integration between Kobas Cloud and EPoS goes both ways, allowing your head office to get live sales data and instant insight into your daily trade, as well as allowing you to remotely update the menus and settings of your venues’ EPoS.

Whilst menu management has always been handled within Kobas Cloud, rather than on EPoS itself, there has been, until now, no way to automatically download your updates to EPoS servers. This has meant that staff have had to contact the venue and ask staff with appropriate permissions to then download data.

Our most recent update, the “Venue Status Monitor” now gives you the power to download data remotely, without disturbing your venue staff or running the risk of outdated menus being used.

As you can see, not only can you perform download data, you can also monitor the network status and health of your EPoS servers, allowing you to tackle any network outages proactively. If we’ve been able to contact an EPoS server in the last 5 minutes, the venue will show as ‘online’. If there’s been no contact in the last 5 minutes, then the monitor will let you know when we were last able to contact it.

As well as the option to “Request Download Data” on individual options, we’ve included a ‘nuclear’ option to download data on all venues. Perfect for larger groups with a shared menu.

If you want to start using this new feature, then you can do so by adding the widget to your homepage by using the “Edit Landing Page Layout” link at the top of the screen when you log in to Kobas Cloud.

That’s all for today, but check in soon for some more of the exciting updates we’ve lined up.

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