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Recipe By Consumption Mode

Dan Gilligan
29 Nov 2017 3min read

Kobas provides live insights into your company’s operational efficiency and profitability by tracking and comparing live sales data with ingredient usage. Simply put, if you create a recipe for your EPoS Items in Kobas Cloud, our servers will automatically calculate the profit made on each sale that goes through your EPoS.

That in itself is not news, but today’s update now allows an item to have separate recipes for each consumption mode: Eat-In, Takeaway, and Delivery. With the greater granularity that this update provides, your reporting will be more precise than ever before. It also makes it a lot easier for you to centrally manage your EPoS items.

As the screenshot shows, you can quickly assign ingredients and products to your recipes through use of a checkbox system. Each ingredient added will be applied to every available consumption mode by default. Any erroneous ingredients can be removed with a single click.

So, if your takeaway burritos come with extra packaging: plastic forks, napkins, bags, and sachets of sauce, Kobas will now know when to account for them, and when to leave them off an Eat-In Sale. We really believe that this update will make a huge difference for all our clients selling items for consumption on and off the premises, and it’s something we’re very happy to deliver (ha-ha!).

As an added bonus, especially for our clients who won’t need to have different recipes for their items, we’ve updated the EPoS Item list page:

We’ve certainly had clients ask in the past, why we don’t expose the default retail selling price of an EPoS Item on the list page. The answer has always been that a single PLU can have up to 3 retail selling prices, but only 1 cost price.

As that’s now changed, we’ve added a third filter to the page. You can switch between Cost Price and Selling Price to view the different prices by consumption mode. If you don’t use a certain mode, then don’t worry, we won’t even show that column. This page will now give you all the information that you do need, and nothing that you don’t.

So that’s it for today, but as I mentioned last week, there’s quite a lot more on the way in the next few days. So check back soon!

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