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Now Live – Improved Loyalty Portal UI

Daisy Lang
21 Oct 2016 3min read

A bitesized, but beautiful, Friday update for you. We’ve listened to your feedback and made some improvements to your customer facing loyalty accounts, in order to make it much clearer which rewards your customers have available for redemption and how far they are from their next reward.


We’ve improved two main areas of the page – the at-a-glance header box and the vouchers section.

The header box now details how many vouchers are available to redeem, with an easy click-to-scroll button which takes you right down to the voucher section of the page for more detail. This should eliminate any confusion for your customer when it comes to collecting their freebies!

Also new in the header is the next reward section, which now details in no uncertain terms how close your customers are to earning their next rewards – and exactly what that is.

Down to the vouchers section of the page, we’ve gone for a visual ‘coupon’ style look to make it easier to identify which rewards your customers are entitled to and what’s already been redeemed. We show the 6 most recent vouchers here, and then the table below details the full rewards history.

That’s all for now, keep your eyes peeled for more Kobas updates in future. And yes, Luke really loves Benito’s Hat that much! ❤️🌮🌯

To find out more about Kobas and our fully integrated loyalty features, drop us a line.

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