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New Kobas Features! Our final update of 2013 is here

Jesse Baker
03 Dec 2013 3min read

It seems like every month we start by exclaiming just how busy we’ve been and this month is no exception as we race towards Christmas.

EPoS Features
Our headline feature this month is the discount Availability Planner. Following on from our recent work on discounts, this month we bring a massive increase in functionality to discounts by allowing you to specify when, where and on what days they are available.


Combined with new auto apply discounts we now offer an incredibly powerful set of tools through which you can organise discounts, promotions and incentives for your customers. Here are some examples of discounts you can now set up.

2 beers for £7 on Thursdays.

4 mains for the price of 3 from 12:00 until 16:00 until 23rd December.

Or how about

Buy one get one free on all cocktails every monday in December from 8pm until 1am in your Thames Ditton branch!

Of course someone needs to be able to save the day when your customer comes in at 17:57, queues for 4 minutes and misses out on Happy Hour. With that in mind we now offer a new Access Area permission under EPoS – Local called “Override Discount Availabilities”. With this permission enabled, your member of staff will be able to see and enable all the discounts you offer regardless of what time or place they are limited to.


Also on EPoS this month, we’ve redesigned the Take Payment/Settle screen. While this new design offers no new functionality yet, it paves the way for us to improve this screen in the new year. Hopefully, in the meantime, you’ll find it slightly easier to use. This will be deployed in EPoS v2.11 upon request.


In addition we’ve generally spruced up the EPoS manager in Kobas Cloud with better feature explanations, row highlighting and item filtering. Customer feedback has suggested that it’s generally handy to be able to see at a glance which menus an item is on, so we’ve added this into the main EPoS item listing.

EPoS Item List

Bookings and Reservations Management
At this time of year we see an awful lot of party bookings flowing through the Kobas system, so we’ve added a bunch of improvements and reports to help out here.

Bookings can now be ‘owned’ by a member of your team, which means we can now report on the success of your bookings marketing activity both by day and by team member.

Bookings Report

The Kobas bookings manager clearly displays a list of bookings requests that are awaiting a response by a member of your team. We’ve improved this listing to now show the time elapsed since the enquiry arrived, with periods of over a day highlighted in red, allowing you to ensure you’re never keeping anyone waiting.

Outstanding Bookings

Plenty more besides!
As ever there’s the usual round of UX and performance improvements across all the sections. We’ve got a bumper pack of improvements now queuing for the new year including all new navigation. Until then we’d like to wish you all a very successful festive trading period!

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