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Loyalty Point Boosters

Dan Gilligan
08 Aug 2018 3min read

The Kobas Customer Loyalty platform has been a cornerstone of the Kobas offering since 2014, and so it is with great happiness that we can today announce a major update that will help our clients to drive trade in their venues and delight their customers at the same time.

Enter: The Loyalty Point Booster.

Our loyalty system works on the basis of £1 Spent = 1 Point Rewarded. Point thresholds can be set by our clients and customers will be automatically rewarded with vouchers, when they pass those limits.

So, even if they don’t know it, Kobas has been helping reward customers for their loyalty, across the country, for almost four years. With this latest update, we will be giving our clients the power to leverage their loyalty base to drive trade in their venues and maximise profits.

With two types of boost available, users have the option to boost individual items by a fixed amount of points, or to apply multipliers to orders. Each has their individual benefits and are designed maximise the options available to our clients.

Order Multiplier

Order multipliers do what they say on the tin. These boosts will multiply the base points on the total bill by your chosen amount.

Quiet on a Tuesday afternoon? Why not offer double points on all orders and reward those customers who do come; when word gets around that there are bonuses on offer, watch trade hopefully increase!

Fixed Points Item Boost

If you wish to apply bonus points to specific items, then this is the boost for you. Do you have low-selling, but high-margin items on your menu? Encourage customers to buy these and reward themselves, whilst rewarding your gross profit at the same time. This feature also allows users to group items into different points brackets, making it simple to manage multiple boosts in the same campaign.

For example, if you have a large amount of the same ale that is close to its expiry date, you may want to shift it quickly, which a loyalty points boost campaign can help achieve. Groupings allow for a sliding scale, based on the item that was bought:

  • 1/2 Pint: 2 Points.
  • 2/3 Pint: 3 Points.
  • Full Pint: 4 Points.

Campaign Manager

To let users create their own loyalty points boosters, we’ve built a new “Campaign Manager” in the Your Customers section of Kobas Cloud. At the time of writing, this section only allows for points boosters, but we’ve some further exciting developments planned for this area later in the year.

That’s all for today; we hope that those clients already using Kobas Loyalty will reap benefits from this one. If you’re not currently using our loyalty system, but you’d like to, please get in touch with our support team.

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