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Landing Page Update – Current Sales Widget

Dan Gilligan
30 Aug 2016 3min read

With the passing of the August bank holiday and the Back-To-School rush beginning, it can feel like summer is swiftly ending. To soften the blow, we have today released a new feature that allows you to instantly see how your stores are performing, with a live feed from your EPoS servers.

The landing page, the first page you see when logging into Kobas Cloud, can be fully cutomised to include a wide array of reports and information by using the “Edit Landing Page Layout” button. This allows each user to tailor their home page to their specific needs. All of the reports are permissions based, so a front-of-house team-member might have access to their rota for the week, whereas a company director is able to view a variety of reports that can compare revenue between venues.

In response to some feedback from clients, we developed a new report widget that can be added to your home page, displaying Current Net Sales, allowing you to see how today’s performance compares against historical performance and the targets you have set.

Current Net Sales

The new report collects data from three separate reports, giving you an instant comparison between last year’s sales, your predicted sales, and the sales that have been made so far today.

Your Current Sales show the Net Total of sales from today’s Item Sales (All) by Date Range report, broken down by Lead Type.

Your Predicted Sales are taken from the predicted sales budget that can be added during the creation of your rota.

The Last Year Total is taken from the corresponding ISO date from last year. Today, Tuesday 30th August, is in ISO Week 35 2016. This matches with Tuesday 25th August 2015, which also falls in ISO Week 35.

The widgets sit on the permission to view Cash Logs, meaning that a Venue Manager who only has access to their home venue’s cash logs will only be able to view the sales from this venue, whereas an Area Manager will be able to compare across venues at any time.

Having instant access to historical, predicted and actual sales saves you cross referencing three different reports to get a snapshot view of your day’s trade. Freeing your time to focus on the running of your business. Of course, when you do need the extra detail, you can still access the reports as normal.

That covers things for now. Keep your eyes peeled for some different developments over the coming weeks.

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