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KOBAS for franchises

Daisy Lang
27 May 2016 3min read

Kobas can be a great choice for your business whether you are a sole trader running a single venue or a limited company operating across the country – but what about franchises and their unique business model? Well, the good news is that Kobas now has that covered too.

Franchising is one of the most effective ways for hospitality brands to expand and move into new territories, and is particularly popular in the quick service market. Kobas now supports the ability for a franchisor to run a single Kobas account, with each franchisee able to run their operations independently, but from a centralised location.

As a franchisee, you are only presented with data related to your own franchise and are not troubled by anything that is not relevant to you. However as the franchise owner, you have access to all and are able to easily check in on how any of your franchisees are doing at any point. You also have full control over things like supplier and menu management, ensuring complete consistency across all your franchisees.

Another great benefit is that you can run a single loyalty scheme that spans all franchisees, so your customers need never get caught up in the business workings of your brand. Their loyalty cards will work in all your Kobas venues, regardless of specific franchisee ownership, and as the franchise owner you are in control of all customer data.

To make your life even easier, Kobas can offer a managed service where we take care of things like menu, promo and price changes for the group on your behalf. We’d love to work closely with you to ensure all your franchisees get a coherent and professional experience as part of your franchise.

To find out more about the benefits Kobas could bring to your business, please contact us.

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