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Kobas EPoS v2 Change Log: July 2013 – July 2014

v2.19 – Monday 14th July 2014

  • Waste stock ingredients and stock products from the EPoS units.
  • Item bar code scanning for rapid basket loading (supermarket style).
  • Added basket review pane to add-to-tab dialogue.
  • Optionally highlight tabs without the number of covers set.
  • Prevent brute force PIN detection.
  • More traditional discounting techniques.
  • Fixed issue where the buttons in the admin menu were misaligned on iPads.

v2.18 – Monday 2nd June 2014

  • Ingenico PDQ integration.
    • When paying off orders or tabs or taking part payments and have the amount entered on the EPoS automatically sent to the PDQ handset.
    • When refunding card payments using Admin->Log Special Order the amount is automatically sent to the PDQ handset.
  • Added a warning when a card amount is entered that is over 2x the bill amount to guard against large accidental overpayments.
  • Senior users can re-open settled tabs.
  • Simplified the Manage Part Payments interface.
  • Added a new lock screen. The EPoS will lock when a transaction is in progress instead of logging the user out if there is no activity on the EPoS this means that transactions that take a long time won’t be interrupted but still maintains security in case the user is called away from the till during a transaction.
  • Resolved an issue where the No Sale button would disappear after download data was run on another till.
  • Resolved a long-standing issue where if a user without the permission “AllowTakingOrders” logged into a till, the till would remain stuck in a state which meant no other users could take orders either until the EPoS software was restarted.
  • Fixed issue in the Special Orders this session view.
  • Revised permissions model to ensure people who can take orders and manage tabs can view past orders and tabs in the admin section.
  • Added warning to lock screen when opening tasks are not complete for the day.
  • Enhanced the TillX Print drop down to support more than 10 tills at once.

v2.17 – Monday 19th May 2014

  • Support for multiple pricing with automatic changeover.

v2.16 – Thursday 8th May 2014

  • Support for cash drawer direct connection to COM port.
  • Increased accuracy (again) on overall Expected Tax figure.
  • Improved tab part pay process.
  • Added till identifier to login screen.
  • Card tip to cash tip optional converter.
  • Reprint work dockets automatically when a tab is renamed.
  • Reprint work dockets automatically when an order is moved.
  • Allow manual requests to reprint work dockets.

v2.15 – Monday 7th April 2014

  • QR code offline Z report upload.
  • Increased accuracy on overall Expected Tax figure.
  • Fixed a bug where the cash drawer wouldn’t always open.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes hid discount names on iPads.

v2.14 – Monday 24th March 2014

  • Kitchen instructions.
  • Cloakroom ticket functionality.
  • Add the ability to send kitchen requests for dishes in alternate categories such as ordering a starter as a main course.
  • Ability to choose the destination printer for iPad receipt prints.
  • Added new user permission to restrict the ability to set/unset service charge on tabs.
  • Receipt improvements.
    • Only show the first letter of waiting staff’s surname.
    • Added configuration to suppress post cash-off receipts.
  • Till X and User X report improvements.
    • Added “Total Payments” to User X.
    • Added “Average Spend Per Head” in the Tabs section.
    • Added “Tabs Without Covers Set” line.
  • Ensure till tab lists are sorted numerically and alphabetically to stop tabs being ordered 1, 11, 2, 23 for example.
  • Fixed an issue where a tab could get stuck in as unpaid despite no payment being due.

v2.13 – Monday 10th February 2014

  • Behind the scenes transfer of Z report data to Cloud – no more copying sales figures into Cloud!
  • Eat in, Takeout and Delivery options, with separate pricing and tax (VAT) options for each.
  • Gross and net tax figures on the Till reports.
  • Instant Till Z data upload to Cloud.
  • Till Journal – allows you to view previous Till Z reports.
  • Tab part payment. @AB
  • Increased the sensitivity of the close button on popup windows.
  • New refund process (under log special order) to improve cash/card totals.
  • Auto-reload upon software update and sold out changes.
  • Improvements to work docket printing reliability.
  • Ability to re-print orders from the current session.
  • Automatic database health check and repair.

v2.12 – Monday 13th January 2014

  • Fixed discount support. @AB
  • Real time transaction reporting to KOBAS Cloud.
  • New Manage Tabs permission @AB @SP
    • Users with the Manage Tabs permission have a new option to change a tab’s owner via a select box in the top right of the tab view.
    • Users without Manage Tabs permission cannot access other peoples tabs. They can’t view them, add to them or anything. They show up as greyed out buttons in the tab list.
    • Restrictions on split and merge tabs. @AB
  • Ability to mark items as Sold Out on a per venue basis.
  • In the tabs list, tabs belonging to the logged in user are marked with a star and moved to the start of the list.
  • Overpayment by card tab gratuity management.
  • Significant performance increase via pre-compiled Handlebars templates.

v2.11 – Monday 9th December 2013

  • Permit overpayment by card as gratuity. Separate card and cash gratuity on the Till Z.
  • By default receipts are now no longer printed when a tab is settled. We can re-enable per venue upon request.
  • Fixed an issue where a printer failure would jam the print queue preventing any future prints from happening.
  • When a tab is printed, ensure the person requesting the print becomes the tab owner.
  • When prompted to select item configuration options it is now possible to cancel at any time.
  • Show item configuration choices on orders on tabs.

v2.10 – Monday 18th November 2013

  • Scan-able customer loyalty voucher support. @AB
  • Support types other than food/wet. @SR
  • Discounts can now be configured to apply automatically.
  • Reduced line spacing on kitchen dockets from 5mm to 3mm. @RM
  • Printable User X reports.
  • Significant improvement to initial load and menu refresh times. View file builds 5 times faster. thb
  • Fixed a bug where voided or wasted items were being shown on a bill (though the total was correct). Also fixed a bug where comp’d orders weren’t shown on the bill.
  • Deprecated session promo/voucher viewer; now available in Cloud.
  • Improved layout for tabs view.

v2.9 – Monday 4th November

  • Quantity item accelerator. @AB
  • Double-click item removal. @AB
  • Orders left in the basket when a team member logs off are automatically resumed when they next log on, even if they are on a different till/iPad. @SP @AB
  • Introduce X report and per staff member report @SP, @AB
  • Combine identical items with quantity multiplier on receipts.
  • Set and store the number of covers on a tab and display covers in Z-report.
  • Display bill split per person when number of covers is known.
  • Java 7 Update 45 support.
  • Automatically reduce font size on large (> 100 items) receipts.
  • Automatically page receipt prints > 64kB.
  • Option to merge orders on the tab when the bill is printed.
  • Fixed a bug which meant that configuration options on direct orders (not via a tab) weren’t shown on receipts.
  • Fixed a rare case where double tapping a tab name when adding items to a tab could add items twice.
  • Fixed a bug where the keyboard would show over the top of some popups.

v2.8 – Monday 14th October 2013

  • Fixed a bug where the last digit of the VAT number wasn’t being printed correctly on receipts.
  • Till Z update:
    • Gratuity no longer included in Till Z total.
    • APC UPS support.
    • Voucher payments deducted from total, wet and dry sales figures.
    • Printed per till Z report fixed to show till specific wet and food sales figure.
    • Java 7 Update 40 support.

v2.7 – Monday 7th October 2013

  • Support for any gratuity level and multiple gratuity levels.
  • Ability to suppress work dockets for particular till and printer combinations.
  • Ability to send a work docket to multiple printers.
  • Significantly improved low-wifi strength resilience.
  • Small tweaks to tab screen layout.
  • Performance improvements when manipulating tabs.
  • Percent discount now also includes configuration options.

v2.6 – Monday 23rd September 2013

  • Implemented user access controls to restrict access to privileged functionality.
  • Allow eligible promotions items to be set in Cloud.
  • New, improved look and feel of EPoS.
  • New admin menu.
  • New Till Z screen.
  • New session management screen.
  • IOS 7 compatibility fixes.
  • Confirmation step added when cashing off a basket.

v2.5 – Monday 9th September 2013

  • Add voucher as a payment type alongside Cash and Card in the “Take Payment” dialogues.
  • Apply percentage discounts to line items excluding those already subject to a promotion.
  • Remove fixed discounts – attribute as voucher spend instead.
  • Any x for y promotions support.
  • Specific x for y promotions support.
  • Stability update for the Java USB printer driver applet.
  • Corrected an error whereby a fixed discount applied to a tab could make the tab balance negative.
  • Ensure tabs are marked as not printed if gratuity state is changed.
  • Significantly reduced the time taken to apply or remove a discount to a large tab.
  • Significantly reduced tab chooser load time when there are a lot of open tabs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused closing dialogues to be slow.
  • Suppressed JS console log in production environments to improve performance.
  • Fixed a bug where some voided / complementary items were still being charged for.

v2.4 – Tuesday 27th August 2013

  • Promotions support:
    • Fixed discounts e.g. £10 off order or tab.
    • Percentage discounts e.g. 25% off order or tab.
    • Any n items for fixed amount e.g. Any 3 selected bottles of beer for £10.
    • Specific n items for fixed amount e.g. Any 2 of the same main course for £12.
    • Promotion administration on open tabs
    • Till Z amended to detail promotional discount.
  • Improved receipt promotions print-out support including:
    • Add config items that have a cost to the printout.
    • Added item and order level discounts at order level (rather than tab level) summary.
    • If a tab has adjustments (promo / gratuity), show a sub-total then an adjustments section before the Total.
  • Significant performance improvements.
  • Added scroll bars to iPad scrollable elements.
  • Fixed layout of payment buttons on iPad.
  • Prevent login from PIN 0.
  • Improved Till Z view when viewing particularly long reports.
  • Removed the reload till option from log in screen.
  • Suppress print poller on non-registered tills.
  • Fixed bug where rounding error meant that amount paid didn’t correctly add up to order total in payment screen.
  • Removed CSS transition effect on initial page load to reduce initial load burden.
  • Delayed launch of the printer poller iframe to reduce initial load burden.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Extending shift inserts break between old clock out and extension point.

v2.3 – Friday 9th August 2013

  • Splitting tabs – Added the ability to move an order from one tab to another.
  • Merging tabs – Added the ability to combine two tabs.
  • Added automatic updates on all devices following a download data.
  • Show change on receipt.
  • Added a display of the staff name to tab orders.
  • Minor changes to the item options screen.
  • Visual tweaks to the order view.
  • Added Kobas logo to log in screen.
  • Added Reload till option to log in screen.
  • Improved speed of switching between dialogs.
  • Small copy changes to both receipts and EPoS.
  • Changed iPad icon.
  • Fixed an issue where the iPad keyboard didn’t go away when closing a pop up.
  • Fixed an issue where an order in progress would get cleared on login.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t paginate through tabs when merging.
  • Fixed an issue where the till could hang when an error occurred during log out.

v2.2 – Thursday 1st August 2013

  • Allowed staff rota’d for multiple shifts to extend shifts, or start another shift.
  • Added clear button to pin pad.
  • All new Clock In, Clock Out, and Break support.
  • Admin section UI improvement.

v2.1 – Monday 29th July 2013

  • All new tabs section. Complete UX refresh and architecture overhaul.
  • Comp/Void/Waste functionality.
  • Order item administration – previously only available per complete order.
  • Poll printing all tab/receipt prints – this means tabs can be printed from iPads.
  • All new split payment calculator available for orders and tabs.
  • Gratuity addition to bill and Till Z.
  • Moved clock in/out from the Admin section so it is accessible on iPad.
  • Highlighting printed tabs so we know which tabs are likely to be vacated next.
  • Simplification of the tab/receipt print outs.
  • Various printing optimisations.
  • Wet/food sales split.

v2.0 “Responsive” – Tuesday 9th July 2013

  • Scalable view – works on iPad Mini, iPad, iPad retina, tills etc, all the way up to 1080p.
  • Network and poll printing support.
  • Item modifiers.
  • Branded basket with customisable message.
  • All new architecture – JSON, AJAX, templating etc.

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