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Kobas Cloud Change Log 2018

  • 2018.10

    • Improved time-zone support for rotas.
    • EPoS Receipt format, Open Tabs summary, Card Tips on Receipts and Dockets Reprint Time Frame can all now be configured via the Kobas Cloud Venue Manager.



    • Loyalty Campaign Manager.


    • Venue Manager improved to allow the option to add EPoS Collection Numbers to receipts and work dockets.
    • oAuth 2.0 added as an authentication type to the Kobas API.


    • Xero improvements including Cash Log Export.
    • DSBI (Daily Sales By Interval) Report modified to allow groups for tills to be analysed at once, permitting comparison between two locations within a single venue.


    • Customer Loyalty Sites: GDPR – Account Removal Process
    • Landing Page: Marketing consent pop-up for all users.
    • Your Staff: GDPR – Keeping your team informed about Kobas


    • Xero integration for cash log export.
    • Landing page venue status monitor is now timezone aware.


    • Cloud EPoS Printer Simulator is here!
    • Customer Loyalty Portal: points history is now display per receipt rather than per payment.
    • EPoS: Discount list page is now filterable by menu.
    • EPoS: Zero Price PISC Printing.
    • EPoS: Discount list page is now filterable by menu.
    • Operations: Received deliveries now feature supplier code, and unit measurements.
    • Staff:  Personal details section added to Cloud landing page.
    • Staff: Removal tool.
    • Staff: Rota creator now supports click and drag shift creation.


    • Cloud EPoS Simulator is here!
    • HR: All-new Scan Manager for New Starter Tasks


    • Cloud Administration: When logged in, Kobas Cloud Administrators can now view the last week of Cloud activity.
    • EPoS Support: Set Menu support is here! Use the Kobas Cloud Discount Manager to arrange groups of items that will be sold for a set price, and have that pricing display on the receipt for each Set Menu rather than per dish.
    • EPoS Support: Improved receipt header controls. Use the Venue Manager in Kobas Cloud to change your EPoS receipt header image, and determine whether or not to print your Venue Name at the top of the receipt. Find all this, including a drag-and-drop image uploader and resizer, in the Sales & Marketing tab.
    • EPoS Support: Menu Administration page – time taken to load the EPoS Item Picker reduced by 70%.
    • HR: Bank details are no longer a mandatory requirement preventing a New Starter being progressed to Current Staff, though pay rate information is still mandatory. This permits a new starter to be placed on a rota prior to receiving their bank details.
    • HR: EPoS PIN generator improved to reduce likelihood of PIN collision due to error.
    • HR: Rota creator now remembers your preferred zoom level and displays prompt markers where shifts exist but appear off-screen.
    • HR: Staff export CSV improved to contain pay type (salary / hourly).
    • Operations: Allergens support is now here! Attribute allergenic information to stock ingredients, and additionally trace information to EPoS sale items, and Kobas will automatically generate a full allergen report for your menus.
    • Reports: The Stock Ingredient Averages report can now issue results for any or all venues in CSV format, including total units and cost prices per ingredient line. This means it’s now super easy to work out ingredient spend on any line in any period.

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