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Kobas Cloud Change Log 2016

  • 2016.10

    • KAPI V2 initial release – Loyalty Customer endpoints.
    • Current Net Sales landing page widgets improved to show breakdown by consumption mode (eat-in, takeaway and delivery).
    • Improved VT Export to include variance.
    • Changed date formats on the Hours Export report for clarity.
    • Customer loyalty UI improvements.
    • Deliveries can now be logged historically, with any changes made to ingredient price taking affect from the historic date.
    • Added support for Zero Hour Holiday Accrual.
    • Added the ability to assign a primary printer to a till in the Hardware Manager
    • Removed inactive venues from the Rotas page.


    • Kobas Cloud Reservations.
    • Stronger personal data encryption.


    • Introduced integration for VT Transaction+.
    • Current Net Sales landing page widgets now available.
    • Added functionality to allow New Starters to be marked as having “never started work,” omitting them from the staff turnover and other reports.
    • Improved the email notification for Staff National Insurance number change.


    • “Other” payments now factored into cash log declarations and closing task summaries.
    • Greatly improved performance and efficiency of the Stock Usage Comparison report.
    • Upgrade Item Sales (Single) by Date Range report.
    • Remaining Holiday Allowance now shown on the list page for Rotas > Holidays. work,” omitting them from the staff turnover and other reports.


    • Operational Profitability Report improved to detail cost of sales on a First In, First Out basis.
    • Cash Log Export updated to include a downloadable, Sage Accounting compatible CSV file.
    • Remaining balance of part-paid invoices displayed in Administration > Kobas Billing.
    • Stock Audit Trail export now shows PC values as positive numbers.
    • Week on Week Sales Report improved to support up to six venues.
    • Closing tasks Cash Declaration improved to support Gift Vouchers and Deposits Redeemed information both manually and automatically from Kobas EPoS v3.11.
    • PHP 7 support.


    • Stock Suppliers page now includes Tax Codes, for better integration with Sage.
    • Introduced the ability to search customer database using loyalty card QR Codes.
    • Brand new Administration > Integration Settings page, allowing the management of Sage nominal codes.


    • Franchisee Support.
    • Cash Log report enhanced to contain total revenue comparison pie chart.
    • Improved venue picker for reports; now respects Regions and Areas.
    • New Billing page detailing all historical invoices and any outstanding invoices.
    • Added per venue, per franchisee and per account All-Time Theory Gross Profit figure to the SUCR (Stock Usage Comparison Report).
    • Performance improvements in the SUCR, including all-time company and venue GP calculations.
    • Cost of Sales added to the Operational Profitability report.
    • New Kobas billing page to manage your invoices.
    • Stock Suppliers page now includes Tax Codes, for better integration with Sage.
    • Introduced the ability to search customer database using loyalty card QR Codes.


    • Upgraded Venue Areas to Venue Territories, with support for both regions and nested areas. Both regions and areas support managers, for hierarchical and reporting purposes.
    • Improved holiday accrual for hourly staff by adding support for staff on part-time, and zero-hour contracts.
    • Clearer validation on Cash Log forms. Errors are now highlighted in red.
    • Rationalised the Administration Menu, so that subsections have clearer names and are grouped by function.
    • Added the ability to assign Kontact list IDs to Venues in Kobas Cloud, ensuring that customers are shared across both platforms.
    • Updated the Hours Worked page to display cover shifts worked on an assigned “Day Off.”
    • Improved the Sales Mix By Lead Type report to allow longer periods to be selected.
    • Improved the Holiday Status Report to account for accrual of holiday by salaried staff.
    • Introduced safeguards to ensure that staff can never lack a home venue.
    • Improved the UI of the Stock > Product Categories page.
    • Taken the Hours Export report “offline:” increasing speed, capacity, and ease of use.


    • Added functionality to our Loyalty report, which now details growth of customer base over time, as well as additional figures on the CSV export.
    • Updated PLU Manager to include images and preparation instructions. Also added an informational panel that lists the menus a PLU is featured on.
    • Rationalised several permissions sets into groups rather than individual entities.
    • Improved the user level manager to show “at a glance” information about permissions.
    • Expanded the scope of the Daily Sales By Interval report, which can now be refined by Lead Type and Category.
    • Added functionality to allow the deletion of EPoS PINs for staff that do not need access to EPoS units.
    • Improvements to the User Level Manager, including the ability to move staff between levels and the ability to duplicate and edit User Levels.
    • Staff User Levels are now visible on the Staff Export .csv.
    • Expanded the Cash Log report to detail the number of orders taken and the average transaction value within a session, broken down by consumption mode.
    • Improved the usability of the Administration > EPoS Item Categories page.


    • Added functionality that allows you to backdate and schedule pay-changes for staff.
    • New and improved venue manager, which includes the brand new PDQ and Printer managers, consolidating all of your hardware in one location.

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