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Kobas Cloud Change Log 2015

  • 2015.11

    • All new Customer Loyalty Activity Report.
    • Added support for up to 25 PDQs to be declared during cash up.
    • Improvements to predictive ordering suggestions.
    • Recruitment vacancy questions rewrite.
    • Visibility restriction of financial information on rotas for those without permission to edit the rota.
    • Improved error handling on stock checks when internet connection drops.
    • New support for different styling on recruitment and events sites.
    • Sortable columns on the All Item Sales by Date Range report.
    • Improvements to the usability and functionality of the PLU manager, streamlining recipe creation and hardware configurations.


    • Customer loyalty sites upgraded to support the addition of loyalty points by entering a unique code printed on receipts.
    • Customer loyalty sites upgraded to support the assignment of physical loyalty cards to new customer accounts by creating a new account and entering a unique code printed on receipts.
    • Expenditure summary added to the Hours Export Report.
    • All new Supplier list and creation pages.
    • Rewritten Rota Role, Shift Patterns, Venue Area and Venue Edit administration pages.
    • Ability to export filtered customer data from Customer section.
    • Average shift length added to profiles of former staff.


    • Discounts report has been upgraded to show any PLU price adjustments made on the EPoS units in a separate summary.
    • Daily Sales by Order report has been upgraded to highlight any items subject on PLU price adjustments.
    • Daily Sales by Order report now shows consumption mode and allows filtering by staff member, till, consumption mode and transaction type.
    • Full venue daily EPoS Audit Log now exposed within the Daily Sales by Order report.
    • Improved user interface and export format for bank sort codes.
    • Safe and till logs now subject to the cash log lockout period.


    • You can now export your Cash Log Report direct to CSV file (for Excel).
    • New filters to make it easier to see your pending stock orders and transfers.
    • Improvements to the EPoS Post Item Selection Configuration Manager.
    • Improvements to the Administration -> Sales Budgets uploader sequence.
    • We’ve added the ability to mark an Administration -> EPoS Category as being service charge exempt.
    • Daily Sales by Orders report improved to reveal receipts, staff and tab details.
    • You can now set the order in which items on work dockets are printed in Administration -> EPoS Categories.
    • You can now have a PLU appear more than once on an EPoS menu, handy if you have a page of commonly used PLUs and you want to have the same PLUs in specialist pages too.


    • The new Orders & Deliveries page replaces Stock Orders and Stock Transfer and shows orders, transfers and deliveries to make it easier to keep track of your stock movement across your venues.
    • A new Transfer Fulfillment page makes managing incoming transfer requests easier than ever before and is powerful enough to allow a KOBAS venue to operate as a central kitchen.
    • An entirely new transfer process allows both parties and head office to keep track of stock movement between venues in real time.
    • Transfer amounts can be adjusted before being dispatched or when received to cover discrepancies in transit.
    • The Stock Transfer Report has been re-written from the ground up to make it clearer and expose more data.
    • We’ve re-written the Stock Current Position report to allow custom selection of ingredient categories. It also now shows if ingredients are used in products.
    • Improvements to the Operations permissions makes them easier to understand and gives greater control to users. New Super User permission means that designated staff can resolve discrepancies on their own.
    • Deprecated old style stock transfers. Any transfers in progress in the old system will need to be completed.
    • Updates to the Stock Usage Comparison to support new transfers.
    • Added and improved email alerts during transfer process. Added warning emails sent to senior staff when there are discrepancies in transfers.
    • Updates to the ‘Create New Product’ page.
    • Updates to the ‘Create New Ingredient’ page.
    • Improved Popover and Date picker directives.
    • Daily Tasks -> Closing Tasks now shows a handy grid of Opening / Closing tasks status in all your venues over the last seven days.
    • Updated to latest version of Angular UI bootstrap.


    • Stock Categories can now be set to be excluded from GP calculations in the Stock Usage Comparison Report. This means you can now use Kobas to stock control non-saleable items such as bleach without their use affecting your GP.
    • Stock Checks now reveal total stock value broken down by lead type.
    • The holidays page now offers more explanation in the event that you aren’t able to edit a holiday record despite ordinarily having permission to do so.
    • You can now create a new member of staff ready to commence new starter tasks, without having to hop through the interview process. This is helpful when adding existing staff to a new Kobas account, or for customers who don’t use our Human Resource management tools but need staff in the system for EPoS and payroll.
    • You can apply reduced or zero rate tax to EPoS items when flagged as Eat In. The primary intended use case here is for customers who sell non-taxable items exclusively for consumption off the premises (e.g. coffee beans, hot sauce, books) and wish to process those in the same transaction as regular taxable eat-in items.
    • You can now delete a rota that hasn’t yet been started, allowing you to easily scrap it all and start over.


    • New navigation improving mobile and tablet support.
    • New in-application support request form.
    • All new stock order creation sequence.


    • All new EPoS Discount Manager.
    • Support for A+B(+C) discounts.
    • Support for discount eligibility controlled by items in basket, allowing “free dessert with any main course” still offers.


    • Kobas EPoS customer facing screen manager. Customer facing screens add a fresh new dimension to the EPoS system in your bars, restaurants and QSR venues, allowing you to present fully custom promotional messaging to guests – and even passers by if your tills are visible from the street. Create powerful slideshows of imagery, shown on automatic rotation, to entice customers, increase sales and strengthen brand presence in your venues.
    • Logged stock wastage can now be removed in Kobas Cloud.

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