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Earnings on demand with Hastee

Hastee enables employees to access a portion of their earned income before payday, reducing financial stress and increasing productivity.

Increase productivity

Financial stress is the number one contributor to poor mental health and ultimately a lack of focus and productivity at work. Hastee is an award-winning software platform that integrates seamlessly with Kobas to deliver your staff the choice and flexibility to avoid high-cost credit, thus reducing financial stress.

Attract, retain and engage – Get, and keep, the very best staff by offering Hastee as a point of difference.

Zero cost or cashflow impact for you – Hastee funds all withdrawals and then you pay Hastee on your normal payday as you would any other expense.

Seamless integration – Hastee integrates with Kobas to get live and accurate information on pay earned to date, based on shifts that have been approved in the rotas. In return, helping to reduce time spent on admin.


77% of staff say they are happier at work since Hastee was introduced.


56% users said that they will pick up more shifts due to having access to Hastee.


12% reduction in sick days by businesses using Hastee.


89% of companies using earnings on demand have seen a reduction in staff turnover.

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