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Online Ordering: Order Ahead

Dan Gilligan
15 Sep 2020 3min read

After completing our Online Ordering platform in late June, we’ve been making incremental improvements wherever we can: the first of which was to convert our off-premises product into one suited for in-venue table ordering. Since then, the majority of improvements have been geared in that direction.

As we enter autumn, we now have a slew of checkout improvements on their way (see below for more details!), with the first of these released last week, but today I can announce a powerful addition to the armoury of any of our clients offering Collection and Delivery orders: Order Ahead.

Enabling “Order Ahead” will allow your customers to select a time later in the day for which their order should be fulfilled. This is customisable by venue and consumption mode and will combine with the order fulfilment time that is already set within the venue manager.

To get this setup for your venue, simply access the Venue Manager in Kobas Cloud and tick “Order Ahead”. This will ask for the time interval you would like to use, with a dropdown menu. As an example, “30” allows customers to order for on and at half past the hour.

Once that’s saved, your customers will be given the option to order for “ASAP”, or for a later time in the day.

Once payment is taken, work dockets will print in-venue and the order will be available in the Order Management screen.

Other Updates:

The next update on our list is support for Apple Pay; making payments for Safari users quick and secure. We hope to announce this very soon.

We also have plans for Google Pay in the works, as well, and so Android users need fear not!

Unfortunately, as a Firefox-browsing, iPhone user, I won’t be taking advantage of these newest features on the horizon. But having loyalty accounts with many of our clients, I am now able to save my card details for later use, and as with any payment through our CIC, everything is protected by Stripe’s industry-leading security, as well as 3D Secure.

That’s all for now. But, as ever, check back soon for more news!

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