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Kobas Online Ordering

Dan Gilligan
29 Jun 2020 3min read

Today, I am delighted to be able to announce an all-new addition to our Customer Interaction Centre (CIC), which will allow your venues’ customers to place orders online for delivery and collection.

Even in uncertain times and in the midst of shifting priorities in the hospitality industry, we are committed to delivering innovation and efficiency across the four “pillars” of your business: EPoS, Operations, Staffing, and Customers. This latest release sees two of these – EPoS and Customers – joined together, delivering value across the board for staff and customer alike.

The first thing that your customers will see when accessing the Online Ordering section is a consumption mode selector.

As we launch, the portal supports orders across Delivery and Collection consumption modes. With our dedication to constant improvement, we will be adding a Table ordering function for in-venue orders, coinciding with the loosening of restrictions on 4th July.

After choosing their desired mode, customers will then be shown a list of available venues, ordered by distance, based on their post code. Venues can be configured to have a delivery range, to prevent orders being requested to far-flung locations.

The Create Order stage does what it says on the tin; customers build their order from a list of available items on your venue’s EPoS menu; for added flexibility, items can be hidden with public facing EPoS Item categories, PISCs can be used to modify items, and a price band for specific use within the CIC can be used.

Best of all, your customers can order with confidence that their order will match their dietary needs. This is because we’ve reused the technology from our groundbreaking Allergen Identifier, to provide accurate dietary information, taken from within Kobas Cloud. It couldn’t be simpler to maintain your menu.

Once they’ve completed their order, the customer can review the finer details and make their payment via a third-party integration with market-leader Stripe.

That payment will be authorised, backed by 3DS secure, but not confirmed. It wings its way down to your venue’s EPoS server, alerting staff that an order has been placed. At this point, users can then accept or reject the order, triggering an automatic confirmation of the payment in Stripe, an email receipt to the customer, and the printing of relevant work dockets in preparation areas, in-venue. Neat!

Of course, there is much, much more to say about configuration and the other technical details. You can find that in our help guides here.

It is no understatement to say that the team are proud of this one, and we are delighted to be able to assist our clients in navigating the current landscape with powerful, intuitive software.

We have an array of greatest hits, but providing our clients with an end-to-end online ordering solution, fully integrated with their in-venue EPoS and live sales reporting, at no extra cost to their monthly Kobas license fee, is surely up there!

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