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Every business, no matter the size, needs to manage their people and the bigger you get, the more challenging the task. The team management system in Kobas provides a centralised point of truth for everything you need to know from a legal perspective and want to know at a business level. As with all Kobas functions, the staffing system is available to you anytime and on any device, anywhere you have an internet connection.

Whether you are performing routine functions or organisational changes, you work with a single, consistent, organisationally accessible record for each employee. Consolidating data in this way improves analysis and enhances the recruitment process, while quick and efficient onboarding saves hundreds of labour hours and the associated costs.

Your most common use of this section, however, will be to rota your staff and manage their holidays. Our intuitive rota creator ensures a perfectly balanced and costed rota every time, while the time off process is quick and simple, so everyone knows who can work and when.

Full staff profile

Key Features

  • Recruitment Portal
  • Applicant tracking
  • New starter on-boarding
  • Full HR file containing:
    • Training received
    • Certifications
    • Reviews & Appraisals
    • Performance Management
    • Right to Work
    • Time & Attendance
    • Skills Matrix
  • Holiday & Time off Controls
  • Rota Creation
  • Staff communications
  • Time & Attendance tracking
  • Payroll


  • Seamless, cloud-based, staff life-cycle system
  • Reliable, accurate and intuitive
  • Single source of truth
  • Automatic data population
  • Real time and accurate reporting

Recruitment and Applicant Screening

Finding the right people to join your team is hard work – it’s one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. Kobas offers a multi-stage recruitment system to help you track all candidates on their journey, and keep you informed as they progress. The customisable process includes applicant screening, phone interviews, trial shifts and face-to-face interviews, with the ability to progress or reject candidates at any stage.

Fed up of getting incorrect or illegible email addresses and phone numbers from candidates when they’ve filled out a paper application form? Kobas eliminates this common frustration through our intelligent recruitment portal which asks candidates for all the appropriate information in a format you can rely upon.

Furthermore, you’re able to save additional staff time, and cost, by filtering out applicants who don’t meet your criteria before they’re able to apply by using our screening questions. These questions can either be simple data gathering or if they’re deal breakers, like the ability to work weekend evenings for instance, you can use them to terminate the application process at this point.


When someone joins your company there are many legal requirements to follow, as well as your internal needs. Kobas helps make this on-boarding process slick, simple and consistent.

Our system automatically saves data from the moment they apply through the interview process and generates a list of tasks that are required for each new employee. Kobas outlines every step of the on-boarding process, which is customisable for your organisation, and includes things like:

  • P45 capture
  • Right to work documents
  • Bank details
  • Emergency contacts
  • Uniform receipt

You’re able to add any additional tasks that you need completed but can be sure that once someone has completed this process, you have all the required data securely stored.

HR File

The Kobas HR file is where you’ll find everything relating to your members of staff; it’s the modern equivalent of that filing cabinet no one wants to go near. The file starts with candidate applications, outcomes of their interviews and has their on-boarding documents added when they start.

As a fully-fledged member of staff, more information is held on Kobas throughout as their career progresses within your business. As a completely digital system, you can do away with a large amount of impossible-to-track paper documents in most cases. Kobas covers the following specific HR areas.

Right to Work

It goes without saying that you should ensure everyone you employ has the right to work for you. This should have been screened out during the application process, but if not, or they have a time-limited visa, our Right to Work section stores visa expiry dates. A list of forthcoming or overdue visa expiry dates may be obtained at any time.

Training & Certification

Do your staff need to be trained for first aid or food hygiene? Do you run an internal certification program? If the answer to either of these is ‘yes’ then you can store accreditation information within Kobas along with expiry dates, re-test dates and scans of physical certificates.

Reviews & Appraisals

Over the years you’ll want to monitor the progression and development of your team. Log your meetings with them in this section and be alerted when it’s time to schedule the next catch up.

Performance Management

From time-to-time situations arise that need to be managed in a more formal process for everyone’s protection. Follow our best practice guide to eliminate elementary mistakes that ensure the outcome can be relied upon.*

Time & Attendance

Keep track of how much holiday a staff member has accrued, requested and taken, along with sick days, lateness and other performance indicators in a single, concise section.

Skill Matrix

The Kobas skills matrix allows you to track which members of staff can perform certain roles. When used in conjunction with our rota system it can prevent scheduling errors, preventing mistakes such as assigning a kitchen porter to a head chef shift.

Staff information is safely stored online, is fully GDPR compliant and is accessible by both the employee and the employer from anywhere at any time. With our centralised system, your organisation can be on the same page at all times.

Please note that Kobas covers the most common areas where mistakes are made but it is not a complete solution. You should consult your own HR provider complete peace of mind.

Holidays & Time Off

Managing leave requests can be a daunting task amongst the many other duties your senior staff need to perform. It’s also a distraction from the more engaging focus of driving the business forward. Kobas comes with a self-service holiday request system, allowing staff to request their desired time off when convenient to them. It also displays the amount of paid holiday they have accrued to date, and their total allowance if they work the full year.

Senior staff are alerted to new requests and can see them in conjunction with other information that will factor into their decision to allow or decline the request including other leave, birthdays, work anniversaries and special events happening at the same time.

Rotas / Payroll

Kobas comes with a powerful rota creator, packed with features that make the creation of rotas simple, accurate and on budget. It provides controls against staff being given shifts when they’re on approved leave, or if they haven’t got the skills to do the job you’re asking of them. This is backed up with financial information around budget, recent trading and year on year trending to make sure your business is staffed optimally at every time of day.

Your staff are able to see their rotas on their personal device, meaning that a printed rota in the staff room can be a thing of the past.

When staff are working, they can have their time and attendance monitored via Kobas EPoS. That information is fed back to management ahead of a formal approval of each staff member’s hours for the day. At the end of the week, a final check of who is being paid must be performed by a senior member of staff, and once approved, the data is ready for payroll.

This payroll data can either be exported to your payroll software, or you can use the Kobas payroll service to completely outsource the solution. Kobas payroll is an additional service charged in addition to the usual monthly fee. Please ask for a personalised quote.

Nearly there now – team inspired! Finally, learn how Kobas can help delight your customers.